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I Could say that my Dps was rare


A bit of a boast post..
We got the Hodir Hardmode finally a couple of weeks ago,  and still havent located where all my screenshots have gone to, and the person who does the WWS/logs wasn’t in the fight for the kill, and when I do a SS on my new pc I have no idea where its putting them, so  I lost my Dps Metre shot for that fight, 


We got the hardmode again tonight and I managed to get some screenies. Just to show I wasn’t mindsearing on a pack mob to get these sort of numbers- I’ve included the detail window.


First on DPS.  11671 Dps. 4th on overall damage.   My first kill was I think only 9k, and our attempts tonight went from 6-9ish but its the final kill that counts right?



So my Dps on the Flashfreezes was dismal, but I can usually only get dots up on them anyway, and the strat we use as to what classes are allowed to stay on boss changes every week. but now I don’t have to dispel,  aren’t getting any screen freezes, and will chase the person with the stormcloud across the room  – and thats the result.   Shadow Priests Scale very well with Stormcloud apparently.


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