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I don’t have many to choose from, and I am starting to feel a little behind the 8 ball.  The title I was most proud of was Twilight Vanquuisher because at the time it represented a lot of hours work, and a lot of deaths  for  a challanging instance.   I should be able to dodge flame walls in my sleep because of it.  Every man and his dog has it now,  as long as we get two good flame walls on a Sar 3d Zerg  people have been earning that title left right and centre.    No one even trys to do it the ‘hard’ way because gear and Dps can bring Sar down in just over two walls now, and because of the Zerg this title shows no skill, no real achievement. 

I would like the Justicar title because I love PVP,  –  but I’m only 7/12 k Honoured with the Silverwing Sentinels,  Exalted with Stormpike and 16/21 Revered with the League of Arathor  – the rep gains in WSG and AB are excruciatingly slow.  ( not sure why the Stormpike one wasn’t as hard – but I’ve had that at Exalted for yonks)  I don’t want to try for the battlemaster title because then I would need to spend more time in BG’s chasing obscure achievements then actually helping my team win. 

I could be more proactive when it comes to doing the world events,  or even exploring the world ( that title wouldn’t be too hard to get) but like all the achievement chasing that people are doing racking up points,  do they care about what they did or who they put out to get that achievement – and will it have lasting meaning, or is each title, or achievement just one more thing to add to a collection rather then represent something that ‘love’ , and hard work went into  like  the amount of work we put into killing Sar 3d  at the time. 

I might go ride around the world. Cruising on my bike – and at least get the explorer title  – but I’m not sure that’s what I really want to do with my free time.

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