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Hell Tower Defence

A guildy who is also playing SCII threw us into this Tower Defense Game called Hell Tower Defence, a custom map  much to my confusion. Given what  I know now,  I am surprised I wasn’t kicked from the game. ( yes you can kick )

You can have up to 8 real people on the map, defending their little corners.  Each Team get their own mobs to deal with,  and you need to kill all of yours before they get through your defenses – you can place, or build units in other people’s area to help them ,  much like I needed help in my 1st game.

I was bad.

I pretty much lost the game for the others.

But once some of the basics was explained to me I got the hang of it  and  got better, and now its my job to help stop other people’s leaks,  and reinforce the basics of the map to new people.  You chose from a selection of units, and you can either build more,  or upgrade the ones you have.  UPGRADE. I cannot stress.  And don’t forget the Air phases 😛

There are a few different strategies,  but  build a Seige straight away and upgrade it.  Then I build an Arrow tower as the waves start progressing ,  a slowing tower and so on.

Another TD we did was called Circle something? and you need to put down a splash cannon? in the first 3 secs. –  The difference with this one was what you didn’t kill kept running around a circle untill it goes pasts someone else, and if they get the kill shot they get credit.

We did a few other Tower defence games  yesterday too ( No raid ) and I spent some time  in the Hell one  as well.

It’s a new PVP – I’ve never done co-operative tower defence before.  You are still competing against each other for kills,  but you need  everyone to pull their weight or you either reach your max units allowed to escape,  or in the case of the circle tower defence, too many mobs left in the circle and you are all defeated.

They are brutal to newbies. In the Hell TD if someone didn’t start quick enough and let their first wave through,  thats 10/55 mobs we are down already. By the time you read the tool tips on whatever choices you have been given the first wave has already gone past.

For new players it is very confusing.  You have seconds to work out how many starting resources you have, and what choice of units to build  


In Hell Tower Defence If you see someone failing you can vote to kick them.  I should have been kicked my first game. Not sure why I wasn’t.  Maybe they took pity on a new player. Some people will kick anyone whos tower formation they don’t like.  The reality is,  you can tell by their dots, and how many units they are building if they will fail.

There aren’t enough resources ( earn by kills) to carry someone.  They need to pull their own weight.

I did see an abuse.  A vote to kick was done on wave 40 ( the last one) and it passed. I voted no, because that wasn’t fair.

I promise I won’t make this a Star Craft Blog, but I may talk about it a little while it’s still shiney and exciting and new.

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