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Would you Character Transfer more if it were cheaper.

I  am going to be transferring some more of my toons over with my main. There may even be a race change to gnome on my second priest in there too. It will  mean I am committed to the realm at least.   I am still  not doing anything in guild, and effectively has only been a tag over my head, and that’s not what I really want, but there has been some roads into organising what we have in what I hope is organised pvp. We also seem to have way too many priests, but it will all depend on the race to 85 as to what they will really have to work with.

I’ve already spent about  $250 Aus  in the last 14 months or so on character transfers, and considering it works out that my yearly game subscription  is about 160$ a year  – it seems out of balance – Blizzard have made more profit from me, by cut and pasting pixels into a new server,  then they have in my share of ‘cost/membership fee’ for providing me the actual game.

If it were cheaper,  I would move all my toons together,  would even play some of them more as they would have more financial support for upgrades and professions, but considering that  Blizzard don’t necessarily want realms of ‘choice’ over populated  the price is also a deterrent or people would transfer more frequently, as given the speed that a transfer can be done they seem to have people dedicated to that task,  and when one transfer earns them almost two months of a single subscription it is quite a good little money earner for them.

Some of the transferring has even me being flakey. ( me flakey..  never.. )   Leaving a server and coming back,  or even escaping to another server, so now I have alts all over the place, and it would make it easier if they are all together because some of them have complimentary professions and one needs a sugar mummy of  a main to give them gold for Epic flying.

Once you server transferred once,  it gets easier to do it again.  I wonder what my game would be like if I decided not to follow some of my guild over the first time I ever left my home server. I left a decent trail place in a raid guild that accepted me after our guild broke up.  I could have stayed, and other things would have been different.

I think I learned a lot about playing , and people  leaving the safe confines of a comfy realm,  I now just need to settle.

Transfer Trash.


Been there.  Got the Tshirt. 

I was listening to Trade chat last night,  and a debate ensured about the right of the transfer trash to make comments about the realm.  Lots of GTFO the server you “transfer trash” occurred  – and of course then came the ”  I’ve been on the server since….  ”  

 I became a Alliance on Dath because my priest was just so much easier to level  – people wanted me! ( untill I wanted to play Shadow)  – and Dath was my home for a long time – I had talked about leaving – but it was all I really knew so I stayed.   Enough people I knew left the server and I followed them to a ‘better progressed’ server  – the land of GDKP milk and Honey, and where I am so much more of a little fish in a sea of raid geared up & skilled up people. 

I am transfer trash. 

When arriving on a new server – full pimped out in purps I would not recommend 

1)  Posting in trade ” Elem Shammy – New transfer  LF High end raiding guild. Pst. 

This will result in a trade wide attack of the difference between the founding members  of the server,  and the bad’s or people who transfer for the glory of being on an awesome(r) server. 

2)  Posting in realm forums  LF for Raiding Guild – may result in a replys such as this “stay on your crappy server. we are full and don’t want your badnes.. you getting the hint yet?” 

I did neither –  But yes the server is full.  I had a queue of 300 + on the weekend at one point. I’m pretty sure horde side is locked to transfers at the moment. I like it.  I think the pool of gearing / of raiders / of hardcores are certainly higher than what I am used to – and I do not have it me to be a 6 day a week raider. 

The realm suits and sates my needs and desires for what I want out of Wow at the moment.  

Still miss organised raiding though. 

So yes I am transfer trash – but really  most of the realm is – doesn’t make the people less skilled / geared .  Bads are less likely to leave servers if born there,  so I would like to think that it was the transfer trash that made it a more desired realm. 

I so should make my bank alt guild that name…

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