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Free Ride to Orgrimmar for Allies..

If your quick, and patient, you can sneak into the air balloon part of the Zepplin that leaves from the Horde Base Warsong Hold in the Borean Tundra. 

I tried to catch a ride once on the Zepplin,  Iwanted to see if I could hitch a ride without agroing the Zepplin Crew.   So on my magic flying carpet, I flew onto the Zepplin and found myself  landing in the  actual balloon part of the Zepplin, Theres a space in there.  This was a bit of a suprise to me,  So I only managed screen shots of when it landed near Orgrimmar.  I’m not sure if its “Working as intended” to borrow an official phrase,  but its not easy to get in there,  I’ve tried twice more for more screenshots and haven’t been able to get in the right space, I almost did it, but the Zepplin got faster and left me behind.

When it did work, I went from Warsong Hold to Orgrimmar and back.

I’m going to keep trying and find a perfect teqnique for doing it easily so if you give it a go and it works let me know 🙂


Waiting for the Zepplin for another attempt at catching it.


The View from the space when it was done sucessfully.


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