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Made by……

I wonder If changing your name changes “Created by” – on items that your character made before the name change”  Or if you leave the server anything you created loses it’s label.

I did find that when I changed servers I lost the “Created by” on some of my bank bags that other people had made.  The label must have been cut off in the transfer.   I could be mistaken for having a cheap knock off.  How tragic!

On my home server I once had a random whisper from someone telling me that I had made all their bags.
Not sure what they hoped to achieve from that conversation, It not like I’m an exclusive Label…

Zahrah ( at the time)  maker of fine Netherweave bags – a stitch of shadowy love and angst into every bag.

I did find that once that I had in my possession a bag that my GM had made when they leveled tailoring  yonks earlier.   There was a piece of their brief stint into tailoring left behind as legacy.

I inspected a player the other day on Dath – and he was wearing bracers made by an old guildy of mine,  and I chuckled to myself.   That they had left little pieces of themselves all over the server,  and while they may not see further progression  the bracers they made probably would.

Instead of Autographs maybe the top ranked guilds could make  stuff and sell them.   Have a piece of gear / a shirt made by * insert random wow hero*

Or a sponsored event

“Support my Epic mount”   by a shirt for a shirt slot from me.  Or save the Orphans of stormwind  buy a tshirt.

We could train sales people to wander the streets of Dalaran,    ” Tshirts for sale.  Pirate shirts for sale.   Every design available.  Pst now!”

Or I could roll a toon called TshirtVendor and stand in the middle of  the city selling shirts.

And thats my silly post for the day..

It’s Friday afternoon.  I am looking forward to a nice cold beer. It’s hot in Sydney at the moment,  so all of you who are currently experiencing what seems to be dubbed the Snowmageddon on the other side of the world.  I’ll give you some of our heat,  and you can throw us Aussies some snow..

Thanks for the Bump.


Pic and Tshirt c/o  Thinkgeek


Found on my guild recruitment forums

Im flattered to think that  I’m someones favourite blogger..  or maybe its not aimed at me,  that there is someone else in my guild QQing  blogging  on  a public domain. 😛

If its aimed at me..  cheers! and you better grow up Shadow all the way baby!

If its not – Mmmmm  intrigue.. 


Think Geek now have  a “I’m tweeting this” tshirt.  Thats Uber.  Maybe I should get a Twitter account now -cause  if its got a tshirt about it then it has be Geek Chic? Wonder why facebook never got a think Geek Tshirt..


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