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Early morning Twisted Nether


I got up at 5am on a Saturday morning to listen to the Twisted Nether Round table.

I had planned on going right through and stay awake until 5am and had made sure I had set my log in up before , but I lasted till 2.30am and I had to sleep some – but I set my alarm for just before 5am and crossed my fingers that I had calculated the time  conversion right so I stumbled out of bed and got to hear people live, and  read the chat room and type some  – so here are my thoughts as I listen to some of the things discussed.. 

 Extended lock outs – I don’t like because clearing to our progression content is not an issue, and we can do it one raid night.  But..    fielding the right people in a raid is easier for us on a Wednesday night ( our 1st night of raiding after reset due to time zone)  then the end of a raiding week on a Monday, so an extra day on a peak raiding night could be beneficial if we have had difficulty getting the optimised team for a progression attempt.

Faction changing – unless some of  my friends get off their pvp realm – I am staying Alliance.  I’m not sure I am particularily attached to alliance,  it is where my main played toons, and it would be good to give my Horde toon some fincial assistance but – when I rolled Alliance I made a promise to protect and defend my faction,  and its not just a roll playing

Questhelper inbuilt into game – Besides an extension to my theory that all useful mod ideas are being borrowed for implementation into game – I used it for my main from 70-80 because the guilded wanted us to level as quick as possible so we would be able to be somewhat quick on the new raiding content, and I do use it for my alts..  but I am glad that I kept my mains experience as vanilla as possible while leveling.  So having done at least the 0-70 the hard way – I really don’t want to do it again.  A built in quest helper should be less buggy then a mod and make it ‘easier’ to focus on leveling.

Noob players and giving advise.  I cry when I see some gear/gem choices, but I know how odd some of my gear has been at times in the process of waiting for a better thing. An old friend of mine started getting serious at making her Shadow Priest better in DPS – my learning curve came from months of information – not  just, or blogs, or patch notes, or class forums  it was the jounrney and learning information as required.   How do you summerise to one player  advise when they might not be on the same level of class understanding. 

and I listened to about 7am.. but then my eyes started drooping and  the birds started singing so now I am off to bed..

Twas an awesome show.. and I hope I work out the time zoney things to catch the nex live cast..

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  • Don’t forget Nat’s drinking hat with a +8 to fishing and +10 lure a little better then what you can get for professions/ lures 7 hours ago
  • The Tuskarrs have left an extraordinary amount of tackle-boxes around the waterways. 1 day ago
  • Yes do not need overheated magma pools anymore - harpoon upgrades done. 3 days ago
  • Don’t do the epic battleground weekly if you are honor capped. Took me a couple to realise. 3 days ago
  • Totally forgot I had void storage… 5 days ago

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