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Every time you wipe on Ignis, a Kitten dies.

Dath’remar scored Ignis as the raid weekly this week.

I managed to grab a group Tuesday night before shutdown on my Holy Priest   – I’ve found previously that no matter the realm  – no matter the over gearing  Ignis has been an Ulduar Pug breaker.

My Tuesday night 10 man pug managed to kill him with only 4 dead, and considering one of those dead was the other healer I think we did pretty good.

Come Wednesday and the start of a new raiding week,  the 10 man guild that have adopted me as their healer  were going to do the Ignis weekly.  Because there had been the weekly raid ID reset I was no longer locked   – so I got to heal them through all our wipes on Ignis.

This retro wiping is a little frustrating,   we were 2 healing it again,  we should have been over geared for it.  But no the Dps warrior was wearing a level 61 gun still.  Some people were missing every gem.  Some had inappropriately gemed,   missing enchants,  funny talent trees, no previous kill experience of Ignis ect, no DBM to warn when to stop dps so u don’t get spell locked.  The list went on. 

Welcome to Casual raiding.

Yes you can be a casual raider,   but when your guild are all casual raiders,  there is no one to carry you through – you still need to work at it.  Given them their due they were there,  trying, wiping,  getting back off the floor and doing it all again.

I’ve still got the taste of Ulduar dirt in my mouth – my broken bones have littered the floors before, and it cuts me a little to be doing it all again.

After giving up wiping on Ignis,  we did kill Razor and XT  – with me coaching them through parts of it – I pointed out a few more things to the RL – it’s up to them if they attempt to fix it. I pointed out a few things to the shadow priest, told her/him it was completely up to them if they were interested in getting better –  trying to offer advice,  but no pressure.

I’m trying not to take over the raid – trying not to scare them by being an elitist  – even on the Boss mod issue,  I explained – that it will make their playing easier – and will help them be more aware of things like flame jets,  or blue fire, and will increase their success. 

 I don’t want to do an Audit – or suggested improvements on every player. But So much though is fixable  cheaply or at least made better – which increases dps / tanking/healing  improves performance,  things die easier – everyone is happy.   I would have been content if they even had, had the cheaper gems,  or the cheaper enchants – it shows care  still

So why do it – if it’s so very hard?  I can’t explain it completely –  I like feeling like a big fish in a small ocean – I know more than they do – I can use my knowledge  / healing abilities to help them,  and I just can’t do  4 days raiding again.  I’ve been out too long.  I like the flexibility of not having to come home early – to walk away from the Pc – read,  talk to a friend on the phone,  not come home,  go out, watch a dvd, go to sunday family dinner.

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