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That Old Familar Vent Channel.

I recently found out that an old guild Vent had lapsed, I hadn’t logged into it for a while, I’ve used skype more lately or Msn voice or another vent then the old guild Vent.  For a while it had been a place where the ex guildys could log in, and sometimes hear a familiar voice and catch up on what ever adventures we had been up to – playing wow or not.

That I hadn’t logged in for so long was testament to how much it had lapsed – and yes it needed people to keep paying for it to stay up, and I had paid for 2 months – but had forgotten how long ago that was, it’s no ones fault, just wasn’t being used enough for people to care – myself included.

The vent had been rented out to new people – and it was a tad upsetting to see all the channels gone.

My own private channel that I had named “The Charlatans”  gone…

I logged in  expecting to see remnants of in-guild jokes, and channels named after people, for people, private channels and the standard raiding & pvp channels . I ended up in a lobby. I always meant to screen shot our Vent channels, and write a post about it, because you can tell a lot about a guilds personality and structure by their vent channels.  Their interests, how social they are, what other games they play ect.

I had recently added Non Elitist Raiding Diary to my reading list, and read their post Voip Culture  and agree completely that how your vent is set up can affect guild interactions and how bonds are formed with people on there.  Topics she covers like ,  like how many channels there are,   how many are passworded and  people who use binds all add up to a Voip culture that can affect  “the way your Guild glues together’

In contrast to the guild I am in now – the old one was very chatty.  Or maybe it was me that was chatty, but every day before raid or in raid channel until raid started someone was always talking, and I miss the epic conversations.

I find it eerie now to be sitting in a raiding channel  waiting for the raid to start, and there be silence, or even when one person speaks something as simple as Hi Guys – be lucky to get one response, but different guilds have different cultures, and some work better different ways, and not everyone wants to talk to people.  I like talking. I like communicating. I am quiter now then I probably have ever been.

    I’ve been in guilds where people weren’t ‘allowed’ in vent unless it was raid time and ones where there was someone pretty much someone online 24/7  -where friends and raiders from other guilds were welcome 

But things that  None  Elitist Raider’s blog post  made me consider  about exclusivity was  that even in our chatty guild,  when Aion came out the people playing Aion sat in that channel as an exclusive club, probably making the people who weren’t playing  it feel a little excluded,  and I realise that even when I sat my own private channel talking to someone in my last raiding guild after raid, was probably not conductive to  keeping conversation open.

Vox – and gaming

When my dad used to answer the phone for his business his voice would drop an octave – making him sound a little more gruff, authoritative,  business like ect.

When I used to work in a call centre,  my voice was professional – but also with a hint of cheer.  Welcome to….   my name is…..  how can I help you today……  At work now, in meetings, delivering presentations, when I did speeches back in highschool.  The tone of my voice would change for the occasion.

I have 3 vent voices.

Aussie Yobbo – ok, not quite,  but its a little rough  – it’s not sexy  its – ocka, may involve words like Bloody hell, far out, man,  lots of lazy language.

Normal – how I speak normally – will speak like that in guild/ normal groups / groups with friends – its distinctively female and Australian – but my voice is even, and clear.

Not so – normal – curl your toes kinda voice  – 1/2 an octave lower.  Oh yeah I  can do it.  ( no audio samples available)   This is not done often – its like that tone your voice gets when you’re laying back on bed talking to someone your interested in. I do not use this in Raids/Pugs blah ect ect EVER. purrrrrrs

In a pug I tend to use the Yobbo/Normal variation when I speak.  Reduces the “As long as that  Sexy sounding Aussie chick is there – I’ll be there” Yes I like being flattered.  *blushes

I was reading a management book some time ago,  that talked about your voice tones,  and  the impression they make in the business world, and how serious you will be taken with your communication style, so perhaps I’m a little more conscious of it.  As  a singer I am also a little aware of things like vocal chords, and using your body as an instrument.  Getting your pitch and tone right, and holding a note with simple things like leaning back slightly to tighten up your vocal chords and your posture, so I’d like to think I talk clearly and precisely most of the time. 

You are more likely to be taken seriously,in real life, and in vent if you communicate well, and that involves,  listening as well as speaking. I am not trying to advocate that you change your voice tone  ( but you can with practise)  but if you sound like a meek mouse,  you will get treated like one.  If your tone, and pitch are erratic,  if you mumble – over talk,  ramble,  you’ve all heard them all – you will get spoken over, muted, ignored.  Anything of value you have to say may be discounted. 

How a leader communicates will impact on how seriously his/her position is taken.

My mother used to threaten to send me to a lady’s finishing school if I didn’t speak properly.’ The rain in spain falls mainly on the plain” , and “How now brown cow”  I am a confident communicator. I’m  not afraid of getting up in front of people and talking .

I love vent.  I love the instant communication.  I love that it is a tool for discussion, and not just instruction.  It gives gaming a more human feel to me. 

Raiding,  Wow,  would be a different game for me if there was no voice communication, and I honestly do not believe that if not for things like Vent,  even Team Speak, or Skype that raiding co-ordination could go so smoothly, or that Wow could have developed into the game it has today.

I’m not a Prude.

Theres been a few things lately  in pugs – in scrub pugs,  even in a good guild pugs that have come up – that have made me feel defensive, embarrassed,  and trying to control a situation that could get out of hand.

There is no measuring stick to measure the discomfort level – but my indicator is usually the urge to quit group and flee to a pretty garden in Dalaran for some respite.

Language  – attitude – insults

I can go bosses without saying anything  in vent if I don’t need to and then when I say something like ” Skull – get out of the raid”  (I was healing deathwhisper trash)

/raid  Who’s the girl?

or a Pst “Are you the girl”

I will not be one of those girls afraid to speak because of the reactions – this whole girls do not play thing is so old  – and it’s not even funny anymore.  I love to talk yes!  but I won’t be too vocal in a bunch of strangers,   I am not going to invite you to my facebook,  or tell you anything beyond the city I live in .    Maybe I have been spoiled by being able to play with people for a long time where this was never an issue

One raid had been going fine,   it was getting later – maybe people got more relaxed – I hadn’t been really talkative – but I certainly had spoken – indication was I was the only girl in the 10 man that was mostly from one guild,  and  then the conversation turned, and I was asked  to be someones dishwasher.  Trying to keep it light, I said I hope  that it wasn’t because I was a female he expected me to wash his dishes – there was some laughter –  and further implication that I would come over to his place and wash his dishes,  so I said  that he was welcome to courier his dishes to me and I would put them in my own dishwasher – because I sure wasn’t handwashing his dirty dishes.

^^ that is me taking the joke – trying not to make a big deal of the blatant sexism. I mean we cop some flack  – expect it – don’t bite – blah blah.  It was me trying to say – yeah I can take a little bit of  a ribbing. 

Well it turns out dishwasher was an in guild joke of their’s that did not mean washing dirty dishes. One of them was kind enough to explain the joke.

To which I replied  how silly I felt – I then shut up for the rest of the raid,

It was actually embarrassing  knowing that they all knew what he was talking about – and here was me talking about  washing dirty plates – and it probably one of the few times I had felt like I was being insultingly objectified  – probably made more so because it wasn’t a joke I was included  on. I mean most of the time the jokes are to  just to get a reaction – and they are pretty lame.

Last night in a run I was told what a good sport I was for putting up with their jokes about women.   They were telling Women jokes because their Dead baby ones were out of line and I told them to stop those which they listened to.   The woman ones were easier to ignore – but I told one guy  I hope he was talking loud enough for his sleeping girlfriend to hear –  which would ruin any chances he had of getting laid for a month.

I feel like a prude sometimes – the mother hen clucking at  the uncivilised.  I don’t want to be a feminist ranting about how to treat girls  ( and each other) with respect –  no delusions about civilising the gaming world.  I mean even I tell people they are F’ken fail healers. – but you know when there is a line that is crossed, and I try not to be afraid of saying so. Even a simple.  ” Too far” can shut a conversation down. 

 I feel so much the hypocrite ( fixed) though for staying in a group that can turn my stomach with their language and behaviour.

But I don’t want to be the prude.

It’s a game – anonymity  makes it easier to be an Ahat – pretending to be / act out a persona that isn’t how you would react in real life –   but I would like to hope that  most of them   – had a mother – have had a girlfriend  – may have a wife  – wouldn’t dare to talk as they do in front of them.( Gamer sterotypes ignored here)

Where I be Pugnacious

Pugnacious: inclined to quarrel or fight readily; quarrelsome; belligerent; combative.

When I found myself in a Vent over this weekend where a long diatribe of the conversation were negative remarks towards women.  Not just one little comment,  but they were egging each other on,  each line more offensive then the other.  I could have sat there like a good little girl and taken it. Not bitten,  not reacted, not defended myself,  or reminded them that there were ladies in the channel and to rein the conversation in. I could have left the vent if I found it so offensive.  Did I stay silent?  No way. 

I turned an insult back on them, and I felt their hackles raised over the airways.   “So its ok for you to have a go at girls,  but you can’t take it if it’s directed to boys?” I asked – extremely outnumbered.

One guys excuse for their behaviour was that it was ‘normal’  – I had asked where all the gentlemen were because they certainly were not in this channel.

I don’t think I was out of line – for me not to remind them that they were being inappropriate would have meant that I was approving of  their behaviour,  and I think that people can need reality checks  – no one knows that they are doing something wrong unless they get told.

Did I go on a female lib rant?  No.  I didn’t need to,  I just needed to remind them that they were going to far.    Did it work?.  I think so,  they didn’t say anything further along that line as least while I was in the channel.

I got a pst from what I assume was the only other girl in the channel glad that I had stuck up for myself  – and I’d do it again,  because if that is what it takes to make it a more pleasant environment for me to play in,  then I am going to bite.  It doesn’t have to be an in your face  “respect my authority” rant, but  I do believe  that standing up when things are not right, can be  as important as doing what is right. 


Shut the F*&ck up Lady.

I don’t think I have ever been spoken to like that before on vent.

All I said was that if he stopped swearing so much then people may not be leaving his raid group.

It was a GDKP Ulduar run,  and I was going to see if I could pick up some healing offset gear cheaply because I had been rather slack at even having a basic set. ( am slowly fixing)   We wiped on Leviathon,  and I knew it was going to go bad when I tried to explain  ( over vent)  that I needed pyrite because a Pst didnt get a response.   So I tried to explain ” See this blue thing on our left.  I need you to pick that up with I think its a 4 or a 5 ” No response.  So Leviathon comes out in hard mode and no one has pyrite,  so no stacks.  Fun.  More people leave.

I am noticing in my pug runs that I am doing, the distinct lack of females vocal in any form on vent.   Come to think of it,  I have probably pugged 5 or 6 raids that used vent, and I have been the only girl who even says boo.  Pugging has been fun to see who and what is out there,  but it can’t be all rainbows and lollypops all the time. .


Corrupting Younger Players.

We have a recent addition in our guild who is 14.   I believe it caused the officers much dilemma,  his written application was perfect,  and interview backed up all the good things he wrote, but he is now the only under 18 year old in the guild, though his age has in no way reflected on his  ability to play, and raid.

As like most of the raiding guilds on the server we are a mature raiding guild, and vent chat goes from Tame – to somewhat suggestive,  and drunken gnome rants on weekends.  The new player was warned about this.

Conversation in vent was heading a little ribald before raid last night,  I don’t remembered what started it,    people were making up alternative words for swear words in Jest ” We all must say……. instead of ….  now.  It lead to what does that word mean anyway…..  Then someone asked of the guys ” Would you tell anyone if you woke up and found..  ”   Then someone suggested we look up what another phrase meant,  and the conversation went from somewhat clean fun to  what I think was not appropriate for sensitive ears.

Maybe I am being an old lady  ( I’m 29)  but when I was 14 I may have heard adult words,  but I never had to listen to a conversation by adults about vulgar details.   I’m not being a prude, and nor do I want to use the phrase that started off the ribaldry,   yes I was in this conversation looking up said word in the Urban Dictonary with an exclamation of ” What!   that’s not nice,” It wasn’t getting offensive to me yet, so I  didn’t think it worthy of  stopping yet, it was playing out to an end anyway. Then I thought of the 14 year.

Omg is he in vent?

Turned out he was.

I’m sure he has heard it all before,  I mean 14 year olds these days are pretty cluey,   we weren’t all innocence at 14  when I was that age,  but kids these days know a heck of  a lot more then what I did.

When the 14 year was silent , I imagined that it was his mum and dad in the channel listening to what we were saying and would make him Gquit, weather it was because I was the only female in the channel at the time ( the whole nurture and protect instinct) ,  and some guilt on my part  – I felt it was not a conversation I would want any child/sister/brother/ family member at that age involved in .

It doesn’t happen often a conversation of this ilk,  I think one of the reasons why the guild works for me, is that there isn’t a lot of smut, there is mature conversation, and humor,   but I hope no one ever feels threatened, or insulted by anything said and I’ve been in guilds where the entire raid night is spent listening to borderline offensive stuff, and  with   adults only forums.  It’s not the type of environment I want to play in,   nor subject anyone else to. I have left other guilds vent channels, because I have been offended, and the best way of dealing was to just leave and not participate.

I doubt  this incident has affected our younger player in anyway as much as its caused my own values in this situation to be questioned.

Should having a younger player in the guild change how we talk or communicate, or joke in the guild? – many guilds have a firm age policy for this reason.  Its not his fault,  but it’s made me a little uncomfortable, and guilty that even if I was not the instigator in the conversation, that  he was listening, and that we as the adults  should have been aware of this and stopped, let alone the potential  legal ramifications. I don’t care if he has heard it all before, I don’t want to be involved in any capacity if  ( big IF) it were ever to get so out of hand again.  So,  my lesson is to think more when I participate in like conversations, be more aware of who is in the channel,   or stop the conversations before they  go too far, but how do I determine whats too far?  Too far for an adult to participate in, or too far for a kid..

I guess I can’t have these thoughts without entering into  should 14 year old’s even be in an adult guild?    I can’t generalise, and say I believe no, because age does not determine,  skill and attitude, the biggest tards I have played with are adults, and should ‘adult conversation and themes even enter into gameplay? – I would miss it.   I don’t think its an essential part of my being a gamer,  but more that as an adult,  I have the freedom to do so,  ( and it seems to be an essential part of male bonding.. )

Only Blogging when it rains

Its true, when your ‘happy’ there is less drama to blog about..

I’ve survived in the new guild for over a week, and last night was taken off trial and made a raider.

I think I’m fitting in – maybe shocked them a little sometimes. Given as much rib as I have taken. Tried to be active in Raid, in Vent, In forums. Worked hard, learnt from mistakes, been prepared ect ect..

I’ve been on most of the posted raids, even though I don’t mind not going to every single raid. It means I get to potter around – do my own thing.

People seem nice ect ect.. still honeymooning sorta in that everything is all a little rosey. Would like a few more vocal females on vent though only so I don’t feel like a chatterbox.

Trying to feel out the dynamics of the guild members, whos close to who – married to who ect ect without asking direct questions, or stepping on toes, or saying the wrong thing.

I caught a train with a Horde player from my server that I’ve known for years, and who was also a flatmate for a short period of time, and he imparted on me some advice.
” Do not get involved with a guildy” except with more colorful language.

and this is relevant and important advice at the momement, because when someone is /hugging /flirting with you in a raid EVERYONE notices – and then I get accused of having a pocket healer.

Nothing is going on… really…

Trying to be a girl – without being too girly so that you are still taken seriously and not thought as as a flirt, and you just can’t make the same jokes to guys that they make to each other because it can be taken way out of context. No wonder girls are quiter on vent. Or only log into vent during Business ( raid ) hours.

The R Word

I’m finding a disturbing increase in the use of the R word in Vent, in Guild Chat, In General Chat,  in BGs ect …   and its hard to say ‘ Hey’  I don’t like you using that word without sounding too much of a prude.

I’m not going to write the word as I don’t want this entry to come up in some weird google search,  but you know what I’m talking about.  Its used when a Boss/Mob/team is beaten to a pulp, and players of all ages and even gender say  we “R….. ” them.

As an adult in an adult guild – no matter that my gender is female I expect the language used to be ‘adult’  and I will join in and laugh at most things said, and on occasion when things get out of hand, such as repeated dicussions as to some rather  Odd and disgusting internet Meme vids, we will can the conversation,  and there have been two occasions when I have said.  “This conversation is to stop, you are crossing on very dangerous ground and I will leave chat if you continue” and it doesn’t mean it gets said regularly,  but It’s popped up in several guilds, realms, chats often enough.

The R word gets slipped into gaming chat so easily, and thats the scary bit, and I’ve mentioned on several occasions when I’ve heard it that I ‘don’t like that word being used.’   “Wish you wouldn’t use that word”, and I’ve done it politely, I don’t want to be hardline about because my concern is how easily its become to slip into the everyday gaming language,  its not about gender, or feminism, because it can happen to anyone at any age, any gender. I worry that the people using it don’t see it as being offensive or threatening anymore because ‘everyone else is doing it” and I can’t see that the majority of gaming girls who see/hear that word, or people in general don’t at least feel like a fraction as I do about the use of the word. 

Yes language has evolved, the days where ‘bloody’ is no longer as offensive,  or swearing or cussing is now common place, the impact of some words have lessened with their common every day use.  But I do not want to hear 14 year boys or 30 year old men refer to the killing of a boss as a ‘R…  ”  Or an Arena or BG team saying we were ‘r…”     And for  a serious moment,  does this evolution of that word into ‘Geek’ Speak mean that its never been about ‘pleasure or being horny.’   Its always been about power.  How easily the word describes the complete and utter loss of control and free will in a Game. 

So without trying to get on a feministic rant about womens lib in Games,  I am making an appeal. Don’t let the word, become an cavalier attitude, if you use it, stop and think what the word means.  Gamers are supposed be at the forfront of popular culture, Language and technology,  so please don’t add that word to the dictonary with another meaning.


Sexy talk in Vent

I try not to be too girly in game –  but i don’t pretend to be anything other then a Girl – and on Vent I try not to talk too much because sometimes reactions can be – OH! Real girl!  so if your silent sometimes a random will remember there is a girl in the channel and say something like – Talk Sexy to…  (insert name) 

Yeah I admit I can be flirty but There is  being a ‘girl’ and being a Not so nice girl…  – I’ve never been manipulative or real life suggestive-  eg trying to curry favors to get loot. You also don’t know who can hear..   a 12 yo – a 70 year old guy – girl – mother – father ect ect..   and most of all it also makes you look tacky to other females..   We are are ‘serious’ gamers too –   and sadly its some that cause the rest of us gals not to be taken seriously –  but you shouldn’t have to hide that your a girl – Cause i can ‘melt face – with the best of them..   well I’m getting there..  🙂

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