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This is 100 Posts on Pugnacious Priest.. really? I’ve said that Much since January 2008 ish when I started…..


Well I havent run out of things to say quite yet, But I’d like to thank – and Acknowledge the people who got me into blogging about WOW.

Altitis was the first blog I found, I don’t remember what I was looking for on google but I found his blog, but I kept comming back to his blog for updates.
I then found World of Matticus and started clicking through both their blog roll and recommended Blogs, and found
Big Red Kitty and
The Big Bear Butt and
The Egotistical Priest
Thanks to Spicy Tuna and Kestrel’s Aerie for being among my first commenters reassuring me that I had an Audience ( well my 1st comment was a Real Life Friend who started a blog that lasted one Entry.. so that doesn’t count ) Kestrel also suggested that I head to Blog Azeroth where I found a buffett of Blogs.
and about round that time I also discovered RSS ( I was slow in that department.. ) and Havent stopped adding blogs to my reader

My reasons for starting this blog haven’t changed, I did it as a learning and a writing exercise, and I’ve learnt alot, and laughed alot from everyone elses blogs to.

So I aint gonna stop..
Keep up the good work peeps!

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