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If I were casting the Warcraft Movie – Horde Part 2

With the release of the news that Sam Raimi was going to Direct a Warcraft movie  ( and it now has its own IMDb page here . )   I thought I would finish my 2 part series that I started last year when the idea was first released in November.   Looking over the people I picked,  I think I am going to have serious age  issues with some of the actors,  but these are just some ideas,  or at the very least makeup and costume tips 🙂 I had some severe problems with Tauren females, and Orcs – of all the females of the races,  in RL / conventional times to say that you looked like a female tauren, or a orc could be a massive insult to an actress,  They would need to wear a heck of alot of make up though so I went for the height of where a Tauren would be, and physic of an Orc, and both actresses are still attractive! 

The reality is they would have multiple people playing the various races, but I am so hoping that they have a Shadow Priest with Shadow Form special Effects,  don’t care what faction or race,   cause it would just be tooo cool!

Part one can be found here

 “If I were casting the Warcraft Movie – Alliance part1 ”   – I’ve done some revisons…  

and here is the horde.
Male:Scorpius ( Wayne Pygram )



Female: Helena Bonham Carter



Male: Forester Whitaker ( seen in his role in Battlefield Earth)



Female: Kirsten Johnston ( from 3rd rock from the sun)

bride wars 7 060109 



Male: Alexander Skarsgård   ( from True Blood)



Kira Knightly – that outfit looks like a hunters harness..



Male: (Seth Green)
– Change his hair Colour, make it longer/ Give him some tusks – I think he has the laid back spirit that trolls seem to have.




Lily Allen –



Male – Eric Bana
(Shown in  The Hulk)




Jessica Biel ( Pic from Blade – she would need to be made a little more green or yellowish )


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