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Guild Audit – and Guild loyalty.

Want to know how many guilds you’ve been in ? Or when looking at how many guilds a potential new guildy has been in before yours?

Then Check out it shows you your guild history at each level.

My Warcraftrealms Profile doesn’t show at the moment that as of Last night I changed guilds again. 

Why did I leave?  – Firstly because CD never felt like ‘home’  True I had only been there for not even a month, but in that month the people who had recruited me had left,  the people who remained, I didn’t know that well  but more over there was no reason to stay. 

One of the people who had recruited me to CD ( and left 2 days after I joined),  has been after me to join his  guild that he has co- founded.  I’ve declined for personal reasons stating that their raid schedule was too busy for me to commit to,  but the truth is  where as he was a good player – a good person  he tried to ‘adopt’ me.   I found that moving up the levels when questing/grouping/guilding  the moment they find out that I’m a girl,  some people have had a tendency to try and control me  – Not necessarily give me favours but more the whole I know whats best for you – I doubt that they would have adopted a male player so readily.  I don’t mind being nudged  in the right direction if you have advice  – I will listen and he has been helpful in that departement – But do notforce it down my throat  – I want to play.  I want to have fun.  I want to progress..  but not right this second  but when I get there. I also  want to be taken for face value, not because it looks like to the rest of the guild that someone is giving me favours, and he did have a tendancy when raid leading to give loot preferences to his favourites. 

His new Guild (s)  besides changing names has also received some bad press in the forums and trade channel and while I like making up my own mind,  their reaction to some other people has shown their age.  I don’t think they have the maturity to maintain a ‘home’ or a good stable guild. Which above all is what I want.  He is upset and angry at me gquitting and not joining his guild.   I never promised I would – and who knows maybe my new guild won’t like me – I’m on trial – Maybe I won’t like them.  They seem so far like a good well rounded out – solid and stable guild,    but due to realm transfers some of the stable guilds on our server are having issues.  Valhalla has apparently broken up too.  So Recent events have made me think about what I want from a guild, and this is what I want

Maturity, experience, understanding, patience, support,  advice, fun, adaptability, companionship – Dedication

Notice I haven’t included friendship – because I think that ingame friends are very much a different class then RL friends. They are harder to keep once you lose a common interest/goal – and even the people that you used to raid with like my ‘friends’ from AOL become random whispers or waves as you pass by in a city as your goals change.   I was niave to think that once I added a ‘friend’ to my friends list – that they would be real friends.   So even though RL intermingled with game life – I had a mobile number for one,  emails for another,  friends on Facebook for some,   without the common interest of our guild – we were no longer ‘friends’  Hence companionship is what I want.  Friendly in game companionship.

Loyalty is also not included because – RL takes priority – Goals change, Guilds change, people have a self interest, people pay money to play.  Peoples lives change  to often to use the word loyalty,   It is a too strong a word to ask for.  I want dedication – because its more  temporary ( without the guilt) it means you are focused at what needs to be done,  I am loyal to my family  – I am loyal to my RL friends – and sometimes Ingame friends can cross that line I’m not saying they don’t  but I do not want to be disillusioned into placing Ingame friends on Par with my bestie from Highschool.   The ingame friend will get tested more – it has to survive guild and realm changes,  RL changes,  and if it does they they are true friends, and maybe that’s why some guilds outlast, and ‘core raiders’ stick together for so long – they cross that line, and grow together.

 So I’ve a new chapter in my guild history – lets see where it leads.  I don’t want to be a End game guild hopper  – I really don’t –  but its happening all the time, its getting more common.  I think I was pretty good to last in one guild from level 15-65 and I only left them because I outgrew them  – as one of the few higher players most of my days were spent fielding VC and SM Runs  – but there is enough of a QQ in that topic for another post – another day.

There are also more people now who are guildless and not just the <10’s   too many guilds are attempting endgame content without enough stable players – Guilds are being started by too many people, breaking up and reforming,  I remember when a Guild was somewhere to belong,  now for the most and maybe its just Endgame cynicism..  its just a place to be untill something better comes along.


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