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Weekend round up.

Did first 4 bosses on ICC 25 man  – My better upgrades are going to come from 25  so I should do them more often.  Don’t need much loot in 10’s.   

I  thought there was going to be a war of the casters when a healer  in the 25 run complained that all non hit weapons belonged to healers after they lost the Frozen Bonespike dagger roll on Marrowgar.   Like we don’t have hit caps for a reason.  Thems were fighting words.  She wore the mage, the winner of the weapon drop  down enough  that he handed it over.  I don’t agree with that.   I felt he was guilted into handing it over.   It was a pug run.  The only rules were MS over OS. He won the roll.  The healer then compensated him with gold.   Hence the loot hand over became a financial transaction  – and thus should have been open to purchase.  If the healer had truly earned or deserved the roll  then no money should have been exchanged. I felt she bought the weapon with guilt and gold.  Give the mage his due he didn’t ask or expect the gold.  But I don’t feel loot should be negotiated in a pug run in that manner.

We had some bad luck last night – Servers karking it.  1 hour was wasted sitting on the Pc doing nothing waiting.   Not enough on for ICC  10 so we went to TOGC and we just kept wiping .  Feel so sorry for the pug that watched us wipe on beasts 4 times and left. 

It felt like there was something wrong .   I got to heal,  and  it was like something was broken,  a Pally who’s mana never runs out was complaining about mana, , and I had noticed by the end of boss 1 I was oom,   the only thing I can think of was that either spells were costing twice as much or our ” while casting” mana regen was broken.   A Rogue reported energy issues as well.  Maybe there was no replenishment,  the Pug Loc was supposed to be procing it,  but recount didn’t show it, but I shouldnt have been eating through mana so quick. 

Did a random on my main and holy priest and my Mana was ok. – May have been a less stressful load though. 

Got my SAN Priest to 16 and sat in the SAN vent for a bit listening in awe to all the girls!  Might try a few more levels questing,  then will try and hit the dungeons for a quicker leveling experience.

And Tauren Shammy is now 25 on Gundrak – Not been ganked once.  It’s supposed to be a pvp realm, and the only Alliance I’ve really seen was a couple riding through the barrens once, and one got on the boat with my from Bootybay to Rachet.   Not seeing many horde though either.  Seems like a quite realm.

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  • Don’t forget Nat’s drinking hat with a +8 to fishing and +10 lure a little better then what you can get for professions/ lures 6 hours ago
  • The Tuskarrs have left an extraordinary amount of tackle-boxes around the waterways. 1 day ago
  • Yes do not need overheated magma pools anymore - harpoon upgrades done. 3 days ago
  • Don’t do the epic battleground weekly if you are honor capped. Took me a couple to realise. 3 days ago
  • Totally forgot I had void storage… 5 days ago

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