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Cheese with a Whine.

Why is the Holy Priest recipient of the much sought after,  much loved Legendary Val’anyr spending as much time in Shadow as he is Holy?

He is only going DPS when we have too many healers for a particular fight,   it’s just that he never did that before he got the mace. Not once.

I’m not complaining because I wanted the Mace.   I currently have  Guiding Star  ( yes as a DPS ) because it was a decent upgrade to my Soulblade. It was a lot more spellpower, and I didn’t need the hit.

Vak’anyr is still a nice weapon,  but its got nothing on the variety that are dropping in TOC, and eventually I will get one.  So it’s not mace envy, and I know healers need a break –   easier to get someone to swap into a duel spec for a fight blah blah. 


This is supposed to be the Cats pyjamas’  of all healing Maces.   Every raid moment not spent healing with this baby is an affront to the prestige and honor afforded by such an extra-ordinary weapon. Its not just an Epic  It is ORANGE.



So that’s why I am upset.    Dpsing  at all with such an auspicious item,  just seems to be SO NOT WORTH ALL THE EFFORT FOR ONE PERSON TO GET So yeah I am whining, and here is the cheese. Grated because its easier to throw at people when they whine. ( See I can make fun of myself)


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