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Sex doesn’t sell in Trade chat

He was offering a free lap dance in trade channel.   He was the leader of our Pug RBG team and he was recruiting for another healer.

“Lap dance by an AUSSIE chick”   he amended his trade advertisement.

In vent I was like.  “Huh.. wait..”

How do you respond? Righteously indignantly?  /leave party?  giggle?  coo “you wish…”?

I did  say  ” you’ve just stuffed up getting a decent player responding” and completely embarrassed me in front of the rest of the people I had been trying to do serious rated bgs with.

Sex does not sell well in Trade chat.

Sexy beefy guy with water background…

They use sex to sell games  ( just look at the  marketing stunts for Saints Row 3 where “scantily clad women gave away free petrol” in Sydney  as seen on their youtube here  and there is certainly is sexual overtones within game. We also can’t deny that some class  dances,  wiggle, shimmy, shake., crouch grabs and a very ‘sexy’ way.

Besides Lap dances being offered to potential healers to try to get them to join the  RBG’s,   there are on occasion people who advertise in trade,  who will RP for gold,  will table dance/ strip/ pretend to be your girlfriend / offer to send you pics . Even this weekend a prolific glyph seller in trade chat changed their  lets say,  marketing strategy to include a sexual offer. ,

They are never taken seriously in trade, even if they were genuine offers, they get trolled,  ridiculed or  Ignored.

Yes there is a difference in selling sex, and using sex to sell, but neither works in-game.

Services for sale are ignored and the person who  offers to cook their buff food in a lovely purple dress,  enchant their gear in under daks,  doesn’t get any more trade business.

I think there are a couple of reasons why using sex as marketing within Wow trade doesn’t work.

1. Virtual goods

Your not selling a real loaf of bread /energy drink.  You are selling Pixels within a pixel world, that may have an influence on the game ” Like buff food or enchants”   but you cannot hold, and feel the goods.

2. Virtual experience

The lap dance would not be real  It’s not that exciting to have toon ‘standing’ on your lap dancing their racial dance. We don’t have control over our Avatars to the point where realistic interaction could happen.  Avatars as sex objects well that’s a whole other line – we are well aware of RP in Wow,  but taking your toon and simulating certain acts using your avatars  – each to his/her own.  A lot of people are very uncomfortable about this idea.

3. Your not a real girl.

There has to be more boys pretending to be girls and asking for free stuff and hand outs than girls who ask for free stuff and hand outs, and most people know this.  There are no girls on the internet anyway, so even if you did take up that offer  for whatever reason  you have no idea who is actually climbing in your lap.

4. We are desensitized to sexy imagery in-game.

( though to give people their due,  while wandering round SW looking for examples the worst I saw was cleavage and naval) and we also ignore the casual semi nudity of the person running around in the  ugly brown  ( or blue)  underwear that most classes seem to have. Your not special in any way because your removed your pants.

( I did try to design a better bra –  not sure how well it would take off though. )

This isn’t meant to be a post against sexy santa outfits,  yes my toon has it, and my warrior wore her metal g with pride and much amusement. and my hunter really likes her red little mail number.

But using sex to sell doesn’t seem to be a valid way of marketing your goods in trade chat to fellow players. It might get your noticed, but if it’s for stuff like recruitment for a raid, or a Rated BG than anyone who is half way serious will think less of you,  and if it’s for goods we are not picking your service or trade goods because it comes with something extra.

In Cahoots

One of the new features coming out is to allow people to form a raid group with people through real ID cross servers for Battlegrounds, classic dungeons and raids, as well as LFR. You can join x-server 5 mans in LFR  through real ID now,  but the change will let you bring more people along,

It’s natural to have some form of favoritism to people you know,  like, want to impress, want them to like you. Even when trying to be fair on the 5 man dungeon levels when there are people from the same guild  running it they might look out for each other more, heal more often, be more forgiving of stupid stuff, encourage silly stuff – eg I’ve been instances where I have had to heal 2 tanks because the two people who knew each other thought it would be funny to try to compete with each other over who the tank was going to be.  When I asked who was tanking I was told it was my job to heal. When crap goes down, and people are dying you may heal your friends a little more than the random.  You might be more attentive of the healers mana if the healer is your friend, defend your friend when the group wants to kick him because he has dc’d. You also might give your friend that piece of loot that they need/want .

I understand wanting to help someone more than wanting to ‘hurt’ them

Why should I give a crap about  the Mage that told the Tank to suck his appendage because he pulled before the tank and got called on it,   Not only was he rude, he wasn’t playing by the ‘rules’.  He could iceblock, and then it becomes the tanks job to fix his mistake,  Then an  offtank who convince the raid to kick *such and such* because of low dps  ( when it was the main tank he wanted kicked)   I can only imagine that his motivations where to get the main tank position and possibly roll on the loot the tank would have ( main tank had been a DK too)  Or maybe he just didn’t like him.

You get a lot more power as a group then you do as an individual.

When it’s 3 rogues and 2 druids from the same guild and server, trying to kick half the raid in a LFR  you can see that there might some under-tow of interest, and that they at least know each other because they are all in the same guild. They were found out, and people started clicking no to the raid kicks.

Its gets a little difficult when it’s  people on the same realm, but different guilds,  and you need to look closer at interactions to determine if they know each other.

But when you add different server, and different guild, and they aren’t shouting greetings in raid chat ” Oh Hai, fancy meeting you here”  then you have no idea who is in cahoots with each other.

And the conspiracy to hoard and swap gear, or kick people they don’t want in the guild  is less transparent.

The upside is you will never know.

The downside is you don’t then have the choice to leave,  take the 30 min debuff  and chance it with another group.

N*pple V Circle v C0ndom

Does N*pple make this post NSFW? If So I’m Sorry – I’ve stuck a * instead of an I just in case.  I might be overtly paranoid but better to be safe then earn the wrath of workplace filters.

On LK H Mode attempts the other night.  Someones mod was overwriting the raid icons for the Valks –  someone mentioned this – and I said on vent ”  N*pple keeps disappearing”

What you call things can be a matter of who you have raided with, and what they have called the marks – and what becomes ‘socially acceptable’

Was I trying to be sexual by using that word in a raid situation,  no.  I did not have any motive behind the use of that word bar saying effectively. Circle kept dropping off.  That I did not think what word I used when I said it made me think. ” Oh..  where did that come from?”

I’ve been in raids where the circle is called n*pple , and in raids where it is called a condom, and others where it is ‘that orange mark’ or even simply circle.

There’s ongoing debate about another word of note, and I will say that changing the developing  gamer speak  / culture on the use of words while gaming is not only  with not using them yourselves, but also telling other people its inappropriateness, or even being aware its inappropriate.

There is no need to call it anything other than circle.  All three variations  have two syllables. It doesn’t make it shorter communication

So is me worrying about this  being too political correct? I mean it’s not often I ever have to refer to the circle in an WOW situation, and I think it was the first time I have ever said it outloud. Circle is not too often used as a primary marker,  it’s rather unpopular

I can’t even tell you what was going through my brain when searching for the right term to use. But it was the first word that came to my brain when identifying the raid Mark – have I heard it used so often that it’s become ‘normal’?

Whats the 1st thing that comes to your head?

Have I been brainwashed that its ok to think about raid icons having sexual meaning

Is n*pple actually sexual considering it could be gender neutral – but more often refered to as being part of other female ‘assets’

I think when I first heard that reference I was amused.   I guess I had never looked at it in that way, and of the some of the things over the years I have heard it’s quite tame.

But I am going to double think what word I use next time if only because I think I should.

Raging Warrior

Introducing a new blogger, a raiding fury spec’d warrior with a tanking offspec

Raging Warrior

And also  so I can show off a new banner he was willing to subject himself to my creative interpretation

Wow Model Viewer, Gimp, and InteractImage  for the text 

While we are on topic of Warriors

Because I didn’t always have a Warrior on tap for advise,   I found  very handy.

It breaks down the most popular Talents, Glyphs, Gear, Enchants, and Gems by class and spec

I was unsure about picking up Glyph of Revenge for my warrior ( I had a slow weapon so wasn’t using heroic strike too often) but now I have a faster weapon, I’m generating rage quicker so really don’t care that my heroic strikes are free after a revenge.  So I picked up sunder armor instead.

Their Sister Site is also pretty awesome for finding the right enchants for your gear as well – the filters are simple to use, and you can do it by stats  (this was especially important when aiming for defence cap – and was /still am relying on chants and gems to get you there)

New toys for me!

As you stand in Dalaran   ” I think I broke it”  broadcasts itself in stereo – Blizzard developers surely would have perfected the art of pet noises, and actions by now  – I mean XT would only be the most annoying pet of all time for a purpose.

What purpose?  – It’s a brilliant marketing tactic.

Forget the shiny pony’s that run past you in the main street looking like horses with chicken wings attached.  They become as dismissible  as every person riding on a Raven lord or spectral tiger.  It’s just another mount in the myriad available.

Lil Xt isn’t so easy to dismiss. He is noisy – loud – you don’t need to be looking at him to know he is there,

and how is this a marketing strategy?

Your thinking about Lil XT. Every time you hear him.  Stereo.  Why is he different to the other pets – that his voice is almost an announcement on a PA system.   It’s so everyone knows he is there, and you knowing he is there means your thinking more about him, and your thinking how much you want him,  and how cool it is that he can touch his toes,  and makes so many loud noises.

Just a theory

New Armory update – and a rehash on an old one.

Well WordPress doesn’t like my armory code, so I can’t embed it to show you, so you will have to go play with your own armory if you haven’t already.

You need to sign in and copy that thing  the big red arrow points to

Opps.. Busted

I was blowing kisses..

If you click on the funny symbol above it,  you get taken to a cleaner version of your characters screen,  and you can change the background of it, and your emotes  so you can be  blowing  a raspberry with the horde Av Background…   Sif I would be so disrespectful.  Yes I did.. ! Only once!


The only thing I hadn’t really paid attention to,  and according to their update page,  happened way back in December 8th – is the character feeds, giving you detailed information as to your activities and you can RSS them!   Thats a little weird..   I mean why would anyone but me,  want to know when I cleared Ahn’Kahet for the 17th time. ( and I already know cause I was there… )    I swear I have done it more than that

I added my Rss to my reader and this is what it looks like,  (for my vanity  and in experiment for the purpose of this post) who would want to know what I am killing?  You can probably deduce what I got up to on my Toon   – I completed Ahn’kahet,   only killed Falric on HOR because we lost too many people. I did the raid weekly ( Patch)  I DID NOT KILL THE CAT.   Someone else did..   /cry and so on…

But why would anyone care?  I could probably think of one or two guilds you might want to stalk – eg top world guild members so you can be alerted when they get a piece of new gear.  But for the plebs  other players  there does not seem much point.   



Wow Progress  has an event tracker too which lists the guilds you joined and left,  the loot you acquired, and any build changes you make which seems a little more purposeful than a feed telling me I cleared a heroic  ( mine from back on my old realm)   Yeah I got around a little there….

So while the activity list is kinda nifty,  I can’t see it being useful – unless it’s your boss or GF/BF doing the stalking – So..   you said you were studying….

Shackling: The Chains are back

Did you hear?   Shackling is now back in fashion!!!

There is lots of undead things in ICC and  the new Instances – and shackling as crowd control has made a little bit of a come back.

In Halls of Reflection I shackle the Hunter Mob, the Tortured Rifleman so he stops shooting at us  with his ice shot and iceblocking us.

In ICC  10 man, when doing several trash farming runs – ( a girl has to get her rep somehow when she isn’t guaranteed a spot in a raid – so honoured now!) and the 10 man Icc runs I’ve managed to do full runs on we  were shackling the Spiders to reduce the webs immobilizing people,  they also have a tendency to stand back  away from the rest of the trash so easier to keep separate from the Aoe.  I’ve not done the pull on 25 – as I was only in for the last 2 bosses on a 25 so I am not sure how finicky a well geared 25 group is on those pulls.

In Pit of Saron the two pulls straight after Krick and Ick ( the second boss)  are the hardest to heal in any fight/instance I have done so far. Ymirjar Flamebearers doing a  magic fire debuff, and the Ymirjar Wrathbringers casting blight – a disease  – so it’s heal – dispel,  cleanse, heal ect.

 After that are two pulls with  Wrathbone Coldwraith’s – and Melee always fail at getting out of the frost circle. I was doing Pit of Saron the other day with a DK tank who asked me ( as healer) to shackle one of the Coldwraiths.   Which made it so much easier to heal that pull. Less circle failing.


Patch Week one.

I was lucky to get a Battered Hilt  for Quel’Delar in the very first ICC 5 man instance I hit on Patch night,  and after discovering they were selling for 4k on the AH  I figured – I have 12k ( at the time)   I’d rather the small upgrade it was then 4k.   So over the weekend I did the quest chain and got

I then found out they were going for 18K gold because the drop rate was nerfed , and I’m like  ” Aweee but that would have  helped me get my Rein  in a GDKP! 

The quest chain was a little running around but I thought it was fun, and not bad gold as well. It doesn’t call for you to do anything beyond your abilities. You do have to go into the new 5 man ICC’s to make your weapon. 

I healed them.   Yes.  Me.   The Shadow Priest who rants and raves about not healing has discovered that I am not too bad,  and having fun too.   ( Instant Random group love!! )   I over use Prayer of mending,   do predictive renews ( silly boomkin standing in bad stuff the whole run) and flash.   Greater heals if I feel lazy and  need to regen a little mana.

I healed all three ICC 5 mans for my hilt quest,  without the support of a tanking friend that I could trust and not get upset with me if I failed.   Everyone else was doing their thing, and I was looking at the chain,  thinking,  I can do this..  and donned my healing set and went into group.  I actually like healing Halls of reflection.  It’s a little crazy – but fun.

The chain also sends you to  the Isle,   You also get to go into the Sunwell  and then you get shackled for your efforts and accused of being a traitor.  It all gets sorted out, and  you continue on.

I don’t have my Perky Pug yet,   I need 11 more people to be random with!  I do like the Random Dungeons,  it’s making getting emblems of frost easier for heroics,  there is always something to do,  and as a healer  I get instant love,  sure I have let a few people die,  but I am running recount so am waiting for someone to tell me I fail,  then I can link the damage they just took  and tell them to GTFOTF –  ( thats only if they try to tell me I fail – it’s called forward planning)

My best Random Dungeon experience was in Occulus – a mage as we zoned in said ” I have never done this before”  and we were like  awesome!  Follow instructions  – we will help and you will be fine.  We did, they did,  and we one shotted it. Happy warm feeling.  I thanked them for their honesty.  It made the experience better for everyone.

  Worse Random Dungeon experience was also in Occulus  – Someone wanted to do an achievement  so we wiped 5 times,  they were the first to die on their drake every time  because he never ran from the explosion.

There was also someone who was Afk for all three bosses  in a run,  a undergeared tank who rage dc’d ( didn’t even leave group) when he died after  pulling too many packs  – the dps died first and I couldn’t continue to keep him up.   Two DPS that left after the 2nd boss in a run – people missing basic chants and gems,  low and lazy dpsers ( HOLY DPS FTW) ect.  But yeah.  Have been happy with it so far.

,Between a ICC 10 man clear, and two bosses on ICC 25  I now have 31 Emblems of frost badges,  so by this time next week I am planning on buying the 60 Badge cloth shoulders,  because I am not guaranteed a spot in any raid as I am only casual,    I did some 10 man ICC farming to get halfway to friendly with the Ashen Deathsworn, and after the ICC 10 and half of  25 I got my friendly ring,  which isn’t an upgrade,  but the honoured will be.

Do you dream about WoW?

I dreamt that there was a special shadow Priest Cave, and I needed two extra talent points to be able to jump high enough to get into it,  and I didn’t have those points anymore, and I was disappointed. I remember standing at the bottom of a  cliff trying to jump.  I don’t remember though if I was me, or my avatar trying to jump.

Remembering dreams for me are a funny thing.  I need to go over them, pick it to pieces and try and recall all the details as soon as possible in the morning.  ( usually in the shower)  If I don’t keep thinking about it for the next hour and put it into long-term memory – it’s gone.  I remember remembering it but not what I remembered.    I know some people never remember their dreams – so I am somewhat lucky.

Maybe it’s because I have dream catchers  through out my flat

I went through an exercise years ago where I wrote them down as soon as I woke up.  Reading back on them – I still remember the pictures in the dream. 

I only remembered the cliff dream because I remembered it in the shower,   and on the way to work 1/2 an hour later made a note of it on my Iphone.

I don’t think I have ever remembered dreaming about wow before.

I’m not going to pertain to know anything about the unconscious and dream interpretation.    However I think that  knowing  if it’s me standing at the bottom of that cliff or my Avatar  is important.

Is my brain putting what I am missing in RL into Wow terms so I pay attention and or understand it,   or am I just anxious about my character in some way?  If my subconscious brain has to put dreams into Wow speak for me to  understand it I think I have a problem.     Dreaming about Wow – I am then literally playing while I sleep.

Dual Guildship.

I’ve noticed, as more and more alts get geared up and leveled to 80 that there is an increasing amount of people who Guild one of their alts in a less progressed guild to raid on that toon. Partly to get raid gear that an alt run would not get them,  or because their mains guild will not let them raid on that toon.

I know this topic has been discussed before,  and as long as their isn’t a scheduling conflict for the raids,  then there shouldn’t be a problem.

However where do your loyaltiess lie?   It should lie with your mains guild first,  and that would mean that after gearing up your tank,  participating in B guilds raids,  vent, and forums,  suddenly your A, ( mains) guild needs a tank,  you can say well my Alt is geared, and I really like playing it would you consider letting me tank. It solves A guilds tank issue, and B guild loses an important team member.

It could be that at the time of joining Guild B really needs a tank,  and the raider who’s loyalties are divided between Toons, and guilds is a good temporary solution to their need,  but wouldn’t you rather know that your new member actually belongs to one of the top guilds on the server on their main, but by knowing that would you treat that player differently,  not give them as much loot because they might be more likely to leave then any other player.

It may be a personal preference of mine,  and it comes down to a time thing too,  but I am a one guild sorta person.  yes I have 2 alt bank guilds, where my unplayed toons sit, and wait for me to log them, but I didn’t join a Guild on my other server,  Nagrand with my baby Shammy, Pretty  I’ve lost interest in her for now,  I have Hunter Alt fever.   ( Level 54 now and I really enjoying BG’s with her.) At the time I was playing my Shammy though  I considered trying to find a nice little guild so that I could listen to idle Gchat while I was playing.  I didn’t want to do group runs, or pay taxes to a guild bank ( like some of the leveling guilds do to their members,)  or help lobies.  I wanted to level – and make enough money along the way for her to be self supporting.  

I’ve had invites to peoples “family guild” A  drunken invite from people looking to get as many people as possible.  One guy was telling me how hard it is to recruit,  invites me.  I decline, and I explain and then he whispers me the next day wanting to know why I left his guild.   I never joined – I told him – he lol’s and says he had been drinking and forgot.  I explain my reasons why again and he replys back in caps  OK OK I GET IT ….   I ask him has he been drinking again,

Yes.. he had been.

but it didn’t seem worth the bother,  I didn’t want to put too much of me in another guild I just wanted to hang, so there was not much point joining one, and maybe it contributed why I have only logged her once since the totem changes came in.  Learnt the new training, and logged off after a Lap around the bank.

I think Dual Guildship could be managed, but I think people need to be honest about it.  It doesn’t make you less of a player,  and it gives people an opportunity to raid on a toon they may not be able to in their mains guild, but because guilds that are raiding like to have their raiders in their guild especially for loot rules and the like, are you being greedy by being in two raiding guilds?

Its like an argument that people have tried to use for employment.  People with more then one job are ‘greedy’  and that one of those jobs could have gone to someone who doesn’t even have one.  I remember juggling three jobs while I was at uni,  because one, wasn’t enough for me to live on, and three made me a living, and allowed me to buy what I wanted. Relating it back to playing,  if you have time to raid with two guilds and you love playing then why not?

However are these duel guilded raiders taking spots that could be filled by someone who doesn’t raid, and wants to, or are people by raiding with two guilds creating more opportunity for more people to get a raid off the ground. I think that would be hard to quantify without finding out how many people duel raid.

  but I were a GM, and knew that this was occuring  – that my raiders were looking elsewhere for something the guild couldn’t fulfil, I think I would want to know.  Using the jobs as an example again,   my jobs were part-time, and they assume I have some flexibility,  so if one job wanted me to do something extra but I couldn’t because I had commitments at another job,  then I am certainly not showing loyalty to my position, but was it any of their business that I had more then one job?  Theoretically only if it interfere with my commitments to them, and thus you can apply that to raiders who duel guild.

So is being in a guild like having a job ?- Arh…  my brain is hurting from all the thinking I have done this week  so I think I will stop thinking.

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