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What counts as Real World PVP

My Warrior is in the Tundra questing now at 70/71.  So I have been running into Horde –  it being a Pvp server and all, and outnumbered, by at least double.

I’ve been dotted to death while mounted flying – Damn 12k – ish health

Get a frost bolt in my back while killing quest mobs and end up chasing mages  with charge and intercept while they blink away ( very frustrating)

 I’m also getting more Pvp aggressive. If I see you and you’re in range of my charge – Vroooom.  Smack  Got a couple that way. I don’t hang around to gloat. You were there, and now your dead. Enjoy the corpse run. See I have to kill you 0r you may kill me.  The half health player I ignore 5 min ago, comes back when they are full health.

There was a DK hanging around the beryl sorcerers. At first I thought it was a player of my level attacking me, so I went about doing my thing, untill I realised when he started laughing at me he was a level 80 with 3o k health.  Oh well I thought – So I kept trying – but died.

I thought maybe he attacked me as a target of opportunity. Maybe an Miner on a run.

Nope he was hanging around ganking lobies. Guildy questing in the same area confirmed.  He tried to gank me again  and I was able to fly out of reach,  so I logged into my Main,  who I had positioned extremely nearby  for such occasions, and smacked him down.

I let him rez, and mount up on his flying mount. In the interim another player asked my main ” have you seen a dk around”  So I pointed him in the right direction, and we both flew up, and hung out in the sky with the DK  – while he continued to laugh at me  – and tell me ” No – not going to happen”

Hanging out in the sky is rather boring – and I wanted to be questing.    I made my point. I am bigger then you – you can gank a lobie,  but I can gank you.

I got bored,  relogged my Warrior, and went back to questing where the DK killed me another 2 times  before I dinged, 71 and left the area.

My experience with world pvp so far has been rather brutal and short.

I am either out gunned tremendously,  and by chance beaten them, or the people I have been pvping  have been my level, and died rather easily.  Quite possibly because I got the jump on them / better gear / better class

But is that it?

I mean I’ve seen epic battles fought outside of Kara, or Ulduar  back in the days where you flag for fun while waiting for raid.

The tunnel to ICC is often filled with the bones from victims of people who had that one person who did not die quick enough when a wipe was called, and people are trying to run back in.

But Player V Player  – there is no facing off like western gun slingers in honorable combat.  It’s all about the Sneak & surprise,  or out maning.  ( gank teams outside ICC  portal)

I’m not moaning about being on a Pvp server,  its a choice – a better raiding environment then my old sever,  and as for leveling Its interesting questing, bging, and dungeon running to level.  I like the variety.

It’s also a different kinda of alert on a pvp realm. You can’t go afk without consequences.  Attacks can happen at any time.  Keep your health up.   Don’t fly too low to the ground.  Be prepared to escape untill you have a better vantage.  Eg if you are on a mount.  If you can avoid it, don’t get off it.  Dispersion while mounted saved my butt many a time on Main.  Read local defence messages. ” Under attack” messages may mean the local guards that would help save your butt  are already dead.

It hasn’t been unmanageable.  But what do you actually enjoy about this so called  world PVP buiness.  It’s not the ‘fair’ fighting that’s  for sure, and I’m not sure getting joy from beating up on weaker players is the kinda joy I  find admirable.

I hunt for you with bloodied feet

Some Level 59 fresh out of the starting area DK tried to gank my level 50 warrior in blasted lands.  He failed. Basically by bouncing around ,  stunning him when I could,  bashing him, meleeing,  taking a health pot. He died eventually. 

That’s still  a 9 level difference.   Maybe it was lag that made me harder to kill, or his inexperience,  or the fact that I  have learned that  standing still and doing stuff in a pvp situation is not always a good thing.  So I bounced.  I have my stun in a good keybind, and I used it every time I bounced past.   

Even though I survived.  Just – I felt unfairly targeted as an easy kill.  That I was not an easy kill meant nothing because he still felt like ganking me to prove he was bigger and stronger.

While sitting and eating myself back up to full health after my skirmish with the DeathKnight I thought about the fairness in the battle.  9 levels is a lot  – and I considered this  out of my ‘fair game’  zone for pvp.   So I logged out, and retrieved my level 80 Priest who had been waiting around because farming all those bits for the quests are easier done when you can one dot a mob to death, and I watched him rez, and I killed him with a dot.   I went about killing some more mobs for gizzards, and brains, and jowls – he rezed again, and I killed him again.

He didn’t release for a long time after that, and I had to log out anyway so I left him.

I play on a  PVP realm.You don’t need to go outside the protective walls of Cities, and Instances much as a raiding level 80 much.  However I decided that my Human warrior tank would level through some of  her 40’s and 50’s by questing, get to see some of the old areas again before they change. 

Alliance are outnumbered  by 2.9:1  ( according to warcraft realms data) which is not too bad, and I decided to risk venturing out and questing. 

Sure I have been ganked before,  usually when taking on 3 gorilla’s to find that there is a 4th, and a hunter shooting arrows at me too.  Or a Skull level will fly by and one shot me for fun.

I got my first honor kill  on this toon in Tanaris Pirate cove,  where a druid a couple of levels higher then me attacked me,  but then I died very shortly after.  A rogue got me a few times when I was trying to collect a quest item off a Dew collector down the other end of Tanaris, but that I think that  was partly because he wanted my quest mobs, and I kept comming back to try and kill him.

I know there is nothing ‘fair’ about pvp.   The skull level players that have ganked me so far usually smash me, and move on.   I have blown kisses to horde  I could have killed  as  I run past them. I’ve waved, ignored them, been ignored by them,  quested along side of. I just don’t have the urge to hunt. I am not offensive in a  world pvp enounter,  I just want to do my quests and move on, I will try and survive if you engage me,  but I’ll never start the fight,  in this case though  I didn’t mind ‘punishing’ him.

Was it fair that  he attacked me thinking I would be an easy kill?   Was it fair I punish him three times,  once by dying to my warrior, and twice by dying to my Level 80 priest. It’s a PVP realm.  I’ve been reminded so many times by so many people  – there is no such thing as fair. ” Just deal with it”  So I feel justified because I can.  Just like anyone else can target lobies.

Getting interrupted when questing is a pain in the butt, and I really don’t want to inflict that pain on someone else.

But I felt I had to make my point to him that there is always a bigger fish.  Did I have to do it twice more? Maybe not.  It was bed time anyway s0 I logged – just in case he bought his main.

Pvp Server Ettiquette

Picture C/o Wikipedia

“The rules are, there are no rules” –

Grease, Leo,  Scorpians Member

My somewhat Gank free status seems to have been revoked.  I have been getting a little cocky. Not wandering the world  in my Pvp gear    Doing stuff in the same place for a long time. Standing on the shore  **and not levitating in the middle of the water while fishing.    Not being as aware of my surroundings, and I have been dying because of it.

Sometimes they wait for me to finish doing what ever I am doing, and then attack.   Sometimes they attack me anyway – hunt me down when I rez and do it all over again.  If they look like they are going to hang around – it’s easier to log.

There was a  rogue in southshore when I was fishing for Oily Blackmouths to see if making Free action pots for Pvp was going to be easy to do.  I killed him.  He wasn’t a very good rogue, cause they normally kidney jab me to death quite easily in Bgs.   He didn’t come back which surprised me,  because the DK another time that got the drop on me, and killed me while I doing a daily came back after he had done his, and tried to kill me again.  He failed twice.  I was in Pvp gear then, and more cautious.  

The most –  “I’m a gonna tear my hair out”  experience was a Pally in my eternal fire cave,  mostly the pallys that go there are bots.  They run around in circles,  if they happen to attack you, it’s because you got in their way.  I meld, and they skip right over me, I thought he was a bot untill he made a beeline for me, killed me,  and again, and again.   I managed to kill him once.  Then he just camped me – because I was counting on him getting bored and giving, up I kept rezing.  Nope.

I know it’s a Pvp server,  but surely why can’t everyone be like the three horde I found in a nother cave in various intervals. They didn’t attack me,  I didn’t attack them – and we all went about our business.  Sure I had more health, and was in pvp gear,   but one of them was even nice enough to wave at me.

Even though it hasn’t been too bad,  I just don’t have the urge to gank. ( though a  flight master killer spree in the Barrens one time when we were bored was fun. )   I do not attack first – but I will defend and try and outlive you by any means necessary.  I will run,  meld, disperse,  fear you into other mobs.  Pot – heal  what ever it takes to not die.   

Please  though if you do want to try and gank me.

1. Let me change into my Pvp gear. I have 1000 resilience and will be able to put up much more of a fight
2. Let me finish what ever I was doing – Eg killing my mob
3. Wait untill I’m full health and mana – so the fight is fair.
4. Then we must bow to each other, as respectful opponents –

and then only then shall the World Pvp commence .

Because I implore you – surely a victory tastes sweeter if you are against a worthy opponent. Ganking people when you have an unfair advantage is not honorable conduct outside a battleground.  ( Said with tounge in cheek.. )

Silverwing Update.

I’m getting there! – slowly..  Surely.. 

** Kudus to Empire Of the Sun for Winning Album of the Year for their debut Walking on a Dream and Single of the Year  for the song of the same name at the Arias – Couldn’t help but link their song Standing on the shore,  because I adore it,

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