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What kind of Wow Souvenir do you want?

Sometimes I wish I was more of a Star Wars fan
They get lego **
An Alarm clock
Hans Solo & R2-D2 Icecube trays
Poker chip Set
Jedi and Sith Bathrobes
Sometimes I wish I was more of a Doctor Who fan
They get Sonic screwdrivers
Tardis Coffee Mugs
Tardis Cookie Jars ( talking cookie Jar  oh yeah baby)
Desktop Daleks
Sometimes I wish I was more into original Trek ( I like VOY DS9 and working my through Next Gen)
Cardboard cut outs
Drink Bottles
Pizza Cutters and Bottle openers
Trek Bathrobes
Toy Tricorders

Sometimes I wished I played or loved other Computer Games as well.

They also get cool wall decals
USB Sticks
Plush Companion Cubes
Plush Pillows
Foam Pickaxes
Cookie cutters
Iphone cases
 and so on……
Sure we have a varying range of T-shirts and over time we have/have had
Mugs Badges, Keyrings, Caps, keyboard key sets, themed Mouse, headset,  guild t-shirts, Coin sets, plush Murlocs, Wind Riders, and Gryphon Hatchlings, normal figurines and these strange things called noobzs? and replicate weapons, custom figure prints, elf ears, and Orc masks.
And Printwarcraft does, posters, Custom posters and mouse mats
I am also so excited about the Warcraft themed Monopoly

I Love my little weapons ( un-sharpened)  of course they aren’t official, or even great quality, and the site doesn’t sell them anymore.

I love my holy priest figurine
I do not need any more stuffed animals. ( Wts massive penguin I won from a skill tester )
But the reality is I probably wouldn’t buy a Warcraft themed pizza cutter
My cat would use a cardboard cut out as a scratching post untill she knocked it down, and then she would sit on it.
I don’t use shot glasses anymore?  Why shot when you can drinking from the bottle eh. ( kidding) but I have outgrown “Lets do cowboy shots!”
I do not have room on my bookshelves to waste space with book ends.
I would most likely store pasta in a cookie Jar
And I like my satin dressing gowns. Much more lady-like then brown or bright blue terry towelling.
But most of the recent merchandise available to us from Blizzard has been electronic only, and even with a shrinking playerbase – they ‘tripled their profit’ and I don’t think these E pets/mounts hurt that line one little bit.
There is much less effort than sourcing, designing and licensing a physical product.

All you need to do is see how many players are either riding a sparkling pony, a winged guardian, or a Heart of the aspects being chased around, by one  of the purchased pets, to see just how many are forking out for virtual goods..

Would the same amount of people buy a Thrall head cookie Jar? Maybe a Priest staff shaped icecube tray, an outland cooking book?
Probably not.
What would we buy – just because it had the Warcraft brand on it. What do you want as a Souvenir for a hobby, or interest such as wow?
Something useful, something wearable, something to cuddle, something to eat?
What I would like.
Custom Vinyl Wall decal of my Main toon.  *nods. I would like this very much and would pay for it, even if I hid it on the inside of my closet door.
Note Books /Moleskines ( have I told you I have a small notebook Fetish)
A Stuffed Shadow fiend?
Something practical that I can dig out of the kitchen draw in 20 years time and laugh about,
Something for a kid to pull out of a draw and say Muuuum did you really wear that? ( I have one of my dad’s old tshirts from a team sport he used to play in which is older than I am)
I think as an interest  WOW  has gone on long enough for me to want to keep something to show or reflect that interest when I am old and grey, and we are playing our own avatars in a 3d world with augmented reality.
I have no shame.  I use my Star trek drinking bottle at work 🙂

** disclaimer none of those product links are sponsored  ( I wish :P)

The Innkeepers Daughter

The Inn Keepers daughter is a Trinket that Hearths you back your home inn, ( or hearth place) , and  it’s an archaeology drop.

The story in Wow is that basically it  is  a wayward innkeepers daughter of ill repute that embarrassed her father so he made a deal with warlock to turn her into a hearthstone so she would always come home.

But why does she appear as a a ghost?

I will tell you the real story… ( or at least a better version)

The Highway Man by Alfred Noyes

Once upon a time a Highwayman loved the Innkeepers daughter

“He whistled a tune to the window, and who should be waiting there
But the landlord’s black-eyed daughter,
Bess, the landlord’s daughter,
Plaiting a dark red love-knot into her long black hair. “

The redcoats used her as bait to capture her lover the Highway man

” They had tied her up to attention, with many a sniggering jest;
They had bound a musket beside her, with the barrel beneath her breast! “

for they knew he would come to her

“Watch for me by moonlight,
I’ll come to thee by moonlight, though hell should bar the way”

and he kept his word

Down the ribbon of moonlight, over the brow of the hill,
The highwayman came riding,
Riding, riding!

and to save her love  she warned him.

Her musket shattered the moonlight,
Shattered her breast in the moonlight and warned him—with her death.

When he heard of her sacrifice,

How Bess, the landlord’s daughter,
The landlord’s black-eyed daughter,
Had watched for her love in the moonlight, and died in the darkness there.

Back, he spurred like a madman, shrieking a curse to the sky,

But he died too

When they shot him down on the highway,
Down like a dog on the highway,

So I would like to think that the Inn Keepers daughter, is a hearth stone because she will always be waiting for her lover by the moonlight in the Inn. ( except in the poem she is Darkhaired instead of a red headed giggling ghost.

I Love this poem, and when a guildy first spoke of “The innkeepers daughter” I started sprouting poetry in guild chat, and I was disappointed that my impressions of what could have been a romantic backstory of an innkeepers daughters sacrifice in a wow piece,  was actually a father killing his daughter because she shamed him.   ( She appears as a ghost randomly when you use the hearthstone so what happened to her if not death?)

But because I have this poem now on my mind,  on my tongue, on my heart   and in my ears – Loreena Mckennitt does an amazing version of the poem in song  ( of course I sang along)

Flavourtextlore  discovered  that “Your justice point Gear is named after Famous Poetry” as pointed out in a Article by Joystiq

In keeping with the theme of  using poetry for Gear ( and that I love The highway man )  I have almost completed a outfit.


torrent of darkness


French cocked-hat


Breeches of Brown Doe Skin


Coat of Claret Velvet

A Neck

Bunch of lace

A belt

Gypsy’s Ribbon

Maybe a Off-hand

Dark Red Love Knot

Matching Rings with a set bonus

black cascade

black waves


cascade of perfume

stroke of midnight


I  am Just missing Boots cloak and bracers

Being a Jerk & the administration of Justice

League of legends  a free to play MMO has introduced a tribunal as covered in  Kotaku – and most of the basics are covered in  League of Legends FAQ

In short, sick of thousands of complaints in a growing player base,  they are giving these player reported cases back to the players to decide what they should do. Cases are reviewed by players who qualify and agree to this.  They then get random cases to review, access to the complaint, and potentially a copy of the chat logs of the incident.  If found guilty by a majority the punishment is suspension,  but if a player keeps getting suspended their suspension period goes up, and eventually may get banned.

I bring this up, because its a novel idea, and one that could be applicable to Wow. I’ve not played League of Legends, but I have reported players to Blizzard for misbehaving, or providing ‘a negative experience’ , it doesn’t happen as often as you would think, and I’m pretty sure I have written about most of the times in someway in this blog. That I felt so deeply affected by the behavior of one player that I needed to raise it with Blizzard.  Yes I have been deeply enough affected by a player to vent here, to make a comment to them, in raid, or in chat, but actually bring it up the line to a formal complaint, I haven’t done it that often.

Why don’t I do it more?

Well I have to be deeply affected first.  That your pixel text, or character needs to raise in me such righteous indignation that flames beyond a short burst.

And secondly – There  is no real transparency in Blizzards punishment system as we don’t know how they get punished, and I can think of one example of  a player who ninja’d a significant pot of gold from a GDKP. The players had entered into an agreement, a contract of service, and at the very least of expectation that certain rules would be followed. He broke that agreement ran off with all the gold,   he was reported, and in all appearances,  none of the people who were scammed got their gold back,  and he was back on server within a week.

and guess what, he did it again.

Yes I get frustrated at Jerks, yes I have been insulted, yes I read in sadness the state of trade chat. Yes when people who do jerky things proclaim ” I’ve been reported heaps of times and nothings happened” I feel the current process is ineffective.

“A jury of your peers” is one component of most western world justice systems that I have heard of, but can it work in a game, and is it necessary?

It’s unclear how many people will review a case in League of Legends but I have one major concern

“The gamer judges will be rewarded with “influence points,” one of the game’s currencies with which they can buy new characters and gear in the game. But the judges will only get those points if they vote in the majority, the majority verdict being the one Riot will assume is the right verdict. Those who consistently vote in the minority will lose their tribunal privileges”

I’m not sure I like the idea of being rewarded for administrating  justice ( but what else would be incentive enough) , or punished for not agreeing with the majority.  I can’t imagine that everyone would be paying spectacular attention to all the issues ( even with a compulsory page view time before you can give a verdict) and make snap decisions as they churn their way through case after case. They have the wrong incentive to do that,  a reward. Justice is supposed to be blind, and impartial.  When you add the reward  for majority decision  Your first purpose  – to clean up the community can be forgotten.

We have been taught to grind by the nature of the games we play.  We grind Rep, gear, quests, badges.  It would be very easy for any of us to slip into a Justice administration grind when there is reward to be had.

I think they should have tried to do their tribunal with no reward or public recognition.

I also think you would get enough of the right kind of volunteers that still have an interest in cleaning up the community, and I think that interest  – to be completely fair and impartial needs to be first.  If something of that sort was introduced into Wow consider the people in our greater community who already contribute things of value to the player base for free. I believe it would be relatively easy to get those people involved.

My Hunters Transmogs

I have taken some care as to how I dress my hunters, and have tried to keep to a color coordinated theme each.

Yes they could be considered dressed risque and completely impractical,  but I like the look, and that’s what’s important right, pure atheistics as apposed to practicality.

But it is like playing dress ups on my barbies again. ( Yes I had barbies, and I even used to make clothes for them ) All these were straight off the AH.  I stood there in the dressing room on the AH and tried on all the gear until I found a look I like at a price I can afford. ( All skimpy mail leggings are going for a small fortune )

Zippina  ( now on Barth )

For some reason these pants on Dwarves create an un- natural attachment, so  I don’t wear these.

The alternative is what has to be the most multicoloured mix you could get, and I shall dub this my Pvp rainbow frump look. ( fashion 101  – do not wear turtle necks when you have big boobs)

And Desdemonia my horde hunter on Jubei”Thos who even got a cloak to match!

What I notice more so on my Horde hunter wearing her bright green,  is how colourful she is compared to most people.  If you look around a city most people are dressed in very dull greys and browns. I think the green is refreshing.

How to get that #1 dps spot in LFR – Boss by Boss.

Yes another LFR  post

Why would I join a raiding guild ( and actually raid in said raiding guild ) when I can do LFR on 4 toons a week and have endless excitement.

So some general advice

Don’t forget to food and flask, make sure you have all the buffs you can get.  Ask the locks to give you their haste buff, or rogues to give you tricks, don’t be afraid to ask, and ask often.  Being demanding may encourage them to give it to you to shut you up.

No clicking on Lightwells,  and grouping to stand on the healers AOE, why should you move or make any effort to keep yourself alive it’s your job to dps and carry the rest of the scrub add killing guild members raid members.  Your Uber dps is what wins all the fights.

If you do die don’t forget that you are important, even if  you managed to pull agro before the tank could. Tell them to Battle rez you.  Tell them again and again, until you get one.  If you die on Deathwing  because you ‘fell’ demand a healer comes back to get you.

Don’t forget to link your Recount after every boss to reinforce in everyone’s mind how awesome you are.

Now for the Boss fights

 Boss 1 Morchock  (Aka Moar Rock  – he is a big rock)

Ignore the resonating crystal  – if you get targeted, even if your line is red. Do not move. It’s only LFR and the healers can heal you through it.

After he casts You have about 2-3 global cool downs before the blood of the earth ( that black stuff )  chases after you. Don’t run to the spines as quickly as possible,  if you get hit there will be a healer in range to heal you up.

Boss 2 Warlord Zon’ozz ( elephant on Steroids)

Pick a spot and don’t move.  Don’t group up so that it makes it easier for the healers to heal or dispel you.  They won’t let you die anyway.

Boss 3 Yor’shaj the Unsleeping ( the ooze dude)

Pick a spot and don’t move, don’t chase after blobs.  Make sure you AOE when the multiple adds come,  and do not kill the Mana ball

Boss 4 Hagara the Unbinding ( lightening emo chick) /swagger

Stand in anything you feel like, frost circles, whirlwinds, lots of Aoeing opportunities on the trash never mind about agro, the tanks have you covered.   Your still going to need to watch out for the spines  or you will die,  and dead dps does no dps.  If you’re a pet class be careful of the spines, and of the lightening phase you may lose your pet – and lose dps..

Boss 5 Ultraxion ( Big dragon staring contest)

Don’t click that purple swirly thing,  the healers will just heal you up,  and no one will remember when you miss it every single time.  You don’t have to do much besides stand there and dps and use your cool downs.

Boss 6 Warmaster Blackhorn ( I’m on a boat.. again.. )

Range is supposed to target the drakes – don’t.  That will involve changing targets. So just focus on the two dude in the center.  When a large purple swirling thing hits the deck, ignore it, you don’t need to move.  You still will need to pay attention to the dark purple circles. Don’t stand in them,  if you do it can be difficult for a healer to heal you through it.

Boss 7 Spine of Deathwing ( I’m on the back of a big mutha of a dragon ripping it’s armour off ( hey its kinda cool )

It doesn’t matter if you kill more stuff  then your supposed to,  dps freely. Just close your ears to the “STOP DPS YOU NOOBS,”STOP ” “OMG Stop!!!” if its red shoot it, and since more tendrils killed means more corrupted blood to dps.  If there is nothing up to kill dps the Amalgamation (s) as you feel like.

Boss 8 – Deathwing ( BIGGEST scary dragon and the dude that this whole expansion is supposed to be about )

Don’t swap to the corrupted tentacle, or the bolt when it spawns.  Stay on the Wing for as long as possible, until the tank screams at you ” SWAP” If your melee and you hide behind the back you might be able to escape detection. Aoe where possible.  Don’t single target anything, the healers can heal through everything.  When you reach the last phase ignore all sets of adds, just focus on deathwing.

In Cahoots

One of the new features coming out is to allow people to form a raid group with people through real ID cross servers for Battlegrounds, classic dungeons and raids, as well as LFR. You can join x-server 5 mans in LFR  through real ID now,  but the change will let you bring more people along,

It’s natural to have some form of favoritism to people you know,  like, want to impress, want them to like you. Even when trying to be fair on the 5 man dungeon levels when there are people from the same guild  running it they might look out for each other more, heal more often, be more forgiving of stupid stuff, encourage silly stuff – eg I’ve been instances where I have had to heal 2 tanks because the two people who knew each other thought it would be funny to try to compete with each other over who the tank was going to be.  When I asked who was tanking I was told it was my job to heal. When crap goes down, and people are dying you may heal your friends a little more than the random.  You might be more attentive of the healers mana if the healer is your friend, defend your friend when the group wants to kick him because he has dc’d. You also might give your friend that piece of loot that they need/want .

I understand wanting to help someone more than wanting to ‘hurt’ them

Why should I give a crap about  the Mage that told the Tank to suck his appendage because he pulled before the tank and got called on it,   Not only was he rude, he wasn’t playing by the ‘rules’.  He could iceblock, and then it becomes the tanks job to fix his mistake,  Then an  offtank who convince the raid to kick *such and such* because of low dps  ( when it was the main tank he wanted kicked)   I can only imagine that his motivations where to get the main tank position and possibly roll on the loot the tank would have ( main tank had been a DK too)  Or maybe he just didn’t like him.

You get a lot more power as a group then you do as an individual.

When it’s 3 rogues and 2 druids from the same guild and server, trying to kick half the raid in a LFR  you can see that there might some under-tow of interest, and that they at least know each other because they are all in the same guild. They were found out, and people started clicking no to the raid kicks.

Its gets a little difficult when it’s  people on the same realm, but different guilds,  and you need to look closer at interactions to determine if they know each other.

But when you add different server, and different guild, and they aren’t shouting greetings in raid chat ” Oh Hai, fancy meeting you here”  then you have no idea who is in cahoots with each other.

And the conspiracy to hoard and swap gear, or kick people they don’t want in the guild  is less transparent.

The upside is you will never know.

The downside is you don’t then have the choice to leave,  take the 30 min debuff  and chance it with another group.

I am a sad Chess piece

I’ve been pretty lucky with the Raid Finder.  2 Pieces of Raid Finder Tier  – and luckily the most important two,  the helm, and Mantle.  ( the looks,  gotta have the looks)   I mogged a robe to try to match the colour schemes of the neck piece and I came pretty close using the Spirit Mend Robe.

Tonight, just after reset I scored the Raid Finder Seal of the Seven Signs +406 intell and 2573 Haste proc – which isn’t a bad for new loot.

I went on public record ( on Facebook to my friends) to say that I didn’t like the new Tier when it was first announced. I can’t deny it looks pretty cool  with it’s  harlequin eyes. However I cannot get away from thinking I look like a chess piece.  I could be a Bishop or the Queen, ( there is spikey crown) and I don’t look very happy, and nor do I feel very wow priest like. But it’s certainly very different and well designed.

I’ve been running LFR  ( and doing pretty well ) and all the new twilight dungeons as a healer.  I was disc  and then I went holy, as our Arena’s 3’s team has been split over realms and we haven’t quite decided who is changing to what toon where,  I haven’t needed my Disc Spec and have found holy healing in Raids much easier.  I can only liken it to the difference in shooting a gun on my hunter and shooting a bow.  The bow is smoother,  it flows,  it has a soft twang,  the Gun is very violent and forceful,  I find holy healing like shooting the bow,  it flows better I fill up your health bar,  instead of slapping a bandage over the wound to prevent extra damage while other people fill the health bar up.


In other news.  I now have 2 85 hunters.  My Dwarf I’ve had for a little while,  but with the 4.3 changes,  funnily enough my newest 85 ( my BE Hunter Desdemonia) is now my 2nd best geared 85. She had a bit of unexpected funding help from a reader a little while back ( thanks Glenn if your still reading)  which came in handy with the chanting and gemming of the new gear.

I had been avoiding raiding and even doing instances before 4.3 on my hunter(s).  So I had a little tweaking to do. ( like remember to remove cower, and to not use Kill command ) Because I had some other hunters in raid to compare to – look at what they were doing I made some changes and am pretty happy with my dps in LFR now 🙂

I had a warrior ask me for my tier token when the helm dropped.  I stuck around for the next boss,  unlike some people who win a tier token and leave group, and when he asked ” Did I mind if he grabbed that helm”  I said “Yes”  it was going to be my two set and that was pretty much the conversation.  I think he was the tank,  but he couldn’t even use the excuse that I was scrub and didn’t deserve it because I was doing good dps,  as in  – in the main pack,  pretty high on the list. (  though there does seem to be a bias between those who perform badly in LFR and lady luck -or it can seem that way sometimes)

It was ballsy of him to ask,  but I was going to take lady lucks boon, and run it ( or run away with it)

Yes LFR is charity, but I have experience,  I have loot,  I see bad’s and afker’s getting kicked, so the self-regulation seems to be working ok, and I have not seen one person unfairly booted. ( so far)

Wow Magazine Canx

So the news that the Wow Mag has been canceled  has been floating around.  I’ve never read one,  was not a subscriber,  and  would never have been for 4 issues a year, the price,  and the content.

I also wasn’t keen on what they did to Matticus. As a person who has written, stories, poems, song lyrics, even 50k odd of a novel that were all based on original thought, and even here  767 posts published posts.  I understand feeling disappointed when you cannot lay a claim on something you have written.

Were bloggers part of the problem? Willing to give away for free what they were charging for.  I should reword that,  my blog has a yearly cost to me, even to the point that I pay WordPress to keep ads off my blog. So not only are bloggers writing content for free, we are also paying for the privilege.  Some,  not many though may make their costs back due to advertising or merchandise,  but most do it for free, and a lot pay some sort of fee to someone  to do it. Eg hosting, domain name, ads, custom css ect.

Then you have a collective of organized bloggers/writers like on Joystick  who do get paid small amounts for producing the content, whose ideas can be as original as any magazine feature writer; have a massive audience, and  easy deliverable content.

So not only is everyone else providing the content to the reader for free,  it’s more regular,  has better? or comparable articles,  and does it more often. It’s kind of hard to compete with that.

Don’t forget technology; there seems to be an awful amount of sites that suggest that you can download one of the mags for ‘free’   that kind of production  needs to turn a profit to or provide a service of sorts to justify its continued existence, and a publication that is polished,  pretty,  typeset, and all the fancy things that a real magazine goes through. Has a real cost.

In addition most of  the internet doesn’t have that polished requirement ( possibly to the detriment of language  ( I say that as I butcher English for the millionth time  and I can’t afford to pay for the service of an editor you see)

I do this is my spare time,  when I feel like it, when I feel like I have something interesting to say.

And lastly the player base is changing,  with supposedly there are more people used to play Wow,  the people who currently do.

I’m sure they have lots of reasons for discontinuing it,  but I am also sure if it were profitable to continue  then there would have been no good reason to stop.

So stay tuned to the next – freely provided blog from myself at an un-determinable time and of a unpredictable topic.

(Will work for Coffee and chocolate – or chocolate coated coffee beans = double win!)

Make me pretty – Trans – mog – self gratification?

I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity
Any girl who isn’t me tonight.

-Westside Story

Do I need to ‘feel’ pretty to play?

I haven’t been impressed with the Priest gear design in the last few seasons/tier.  Other classes are getting skulls, spikes, glowing beaks, eyes and feathers. We have just been getting different version of bad 80’s fashioned shoulder pads, and they haven’t even had lace or glitter on them, add them to shadow form,  and it even makes the firey feather shoulders look from Leyara’s Locket look dull.

So when I heard the news of  Transmogrification I first thought WINGS!  I can get my wings back.

The Avatar Regalia was my favorite set ( my holy priest figurine complaining about how high her heels are)  or The Merciless Gladiators Raiment set that also had the same wings. Then all I would need is the Grand Marshal’s War Staff and I think I would be happy, and feeling pretty.

Could the appearance of my toon be enough to inject back into me a passion to play more?   Love the game more ? Do I need to feel pretty to play Wow?

Once it was how others saw you in game.

I’ve known tanks that used to sit on the Bank steps in Dalaran to show off their gear. The same reason why Rogues would show off their Glaives back in the day near the then ‘it’ place on the Iron Forge bridge.

The idea in both instances was that people would look at your gear and recognise the specialness of your gear. the achievement,  the rank you had earned by having those pieces. Players to envy,   or maybe more so because the people who raided,  ( and others – but maybe not the average player)  knew what kind of work and achievement it took to get them

But if  gear no longer becomes an indication of status or achievement, and more about vanity and to be honest now that I am not raiding I wouldn’t have a clue or care what top level fappable tank gear looks like now, then you may choose to dress how you feel like for the same reason why you choose clothing or accessories in real life,  to show off your personality/interests/sub culture.

I want my wings!

Do I need them?  Nope,  is it going to make me play better, feel better, play more? – Nope.

Will it change how other people see me/ you see others?  – Maybe. ” Omg  – your fashion sense is so bad. No stripes with Plaid, Ahhhh you’re  colour blind!  Or what is your inner psyche revealing about your desire to wear  a metal G String voluntarily  yes those pants

But it’s all aesthetics, I knew people who would re-roll when they didn’t like their toons face or hair ( before the Barbershop)  we do care about how our toons look, if it’s the colour of your gear,  that you’re wearing a big blue dress or the design of the armor set,  we use the Barbershop, we dress up bank alts, we collect holiday event gear sets, so even though I feel a little shallow about it,  I think it will prove to be very popular.

But whats next? Your own face on your Avatar?  I wrote about this possibility here

If you’re looking for some ideas of what your gear could look like ,  check out

Disciplinary Action  who has a very good  illustrated fashion guide to the cloth armor sets for the choices available  for gear set looks, and where to get them.

And Big Bear Butt pointed out The Visual Role Play List for some other ideas about what you can wear, and they have promised to start posting more Transmogrification friendly posts.

Self imposed Blogging filters

Eeek!  Another post.

I promise I am not stopping blogging, just the things I start writing end up fitting into one of the below category’s – I guess sort of like a ‘writers block’ in that it’s a little voice telling you it’s crap, and so thus it becomes a blogging filter that kicks in before you hit publish.


You probably don’t really want to know everything, and I don’t want to tell everything. It’s not that kind of blog. ” Dear Diary..  A lady at work had me drinking Chlorophyll ( yes the green plant stuff) You mix it with water and it tastes a little weird, I am not professing to any benefit from it,  but it turns my tounge green.

Dear Diary I am devouring books at an alarming and expensive rate – I keep getting involved with the wrong sort of books.  They are all series of which I HAVE to read the next book in.


It’s a whine. About someone, something,  and screaming at brick walls gets exhausting. I don’t want to view the game like that,  I would rather focus on more positive things,  because well,  negative people just make you feel like crap, and it becomes infectious.  and then you end up feeling negative, and  I love this game. I don’t want to over do it like I did sambuca shots that one time, and can’t stand the smell of sambuca anymore.  ( oversharing..  sorry!)


I am doing/was doing a fair bit of this.   I am still not raiding,  and most of the people I was playing with for a while was lots of Pvp, but some of them are raiding now, and the Time zone difference increase with daylight savings means that my US friends aren’t around as often so I wasn’t even doing much of that. There are only so many new things I can write about pvp,   I had planned on recording in a decent Pvp playing session the wonderful things we say to each other,  I got two examples quite easily, but most often unless its someone trying to talk strats – its best to ignore chat, and this is sad, and I think how long a collection of little snippets like this I could make makes me even sadder.


I missed the boat on a couple of  topics of discussion, there’s been enough said on it,  or I don’t know enough about it to really comment on it, and I don’t want to just have my 2 cents because my opinion may not be that different and I am not adding anything to the discussion.


If I can’t find it at least mildly entertaining how do I expect someone who reads me to


I have Altitis.  See what having free time does for you.  You start taking Warlock family portraits

You end up in yet another Alts guild  of random people on a random server where people don’t even bother talking in guild chat and it just becomes a chat of achievements and stupid “Grats” macro’s as people just leech off the guild perks ( I am..

But yes,  this post made it past all those self-imposed ‘blogging filters’

Because I shall reveal the real purpose of this post.

I brought the Winged companion. Yes I paid US 25 for a pixel vanity mount. Only because I saw one in a BG, and thought ” I want one. Must have”  and my poor impulse control won the battle of wills ( and it was payday.. )

I felt this was important to share,  because I probably have been negative towards the sparkle pony, and to then go out and buy a shadow pony,  well that is kind of hypocritical, and I made you read through this entire post to get to a very important piece of information.

I have become corrupted by pixel purchased mounts…  nooooooooooo



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