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Queue Jumping

Having settled down on an awkward piece of dragon bone on the shores of Loch Verall,  fishing for Highland Guppies. Someone came and stood by me on the same piece of Dragon bone and started fishing in my pool.  So ‘passive aggressively’  I told them ‘I hate people who fish in other people’s pools’ and I got the above response.

It may be sorta of silly to feel a sense of  entitlement,  or even ownership of a pool of  pixel fish, but I do, especially where there were other pools near by.  2 people in a pool = less fish for both people.

Then when doing the new fireland quests,  the quest to heal the Hyjal defenders has been one of the worst  to try and get done in the frenzy of everyone trying to get them done at the same time  –  lots of people invite to group but with the current respawn rate, and the amount of people it’s still a slow process.

So I saw someone heal one , and then run off, and I thought aha! a free respawn area,  so I camped it. Stood there patiently  and then someone tried to beat me to it when it spawned.  I won.   They then stood there while I beat them to 7 more of them ( quest needs eight ) every time it respawned.  That instead of moving on and finding either their own spot,  or took their chances elsewhere they tried to ‘steal’ my quest mob.

Is it really stealing,  no,  but  I don’t understand why they would have gone to all that effort to try to attempt to beat me to the next one. 7 mobs later. I took great pleasure in beating them to the mob every time.

I mean, I’ve also  seen enough zombie/survival movies to know that the people with this sense of entitlement of not waiting their turn are the ones that open the doors to the Zombies to let them in, make deals with the enemy for their own freedom, hoard food/powerbars

But these people in other people’s pools, or ‘stealing’ quest mobs, jumping shopping queues.  ( YES I SAW YOU)  I don’t have that sence of entitlement where I think it’s ok to do that,  but I have no problems with camping a spot for respawns,  or even  getting on my biggest dragon mount in shadow form and sitting on the Deer spawn point in Hyjal just so I can get the deer quest done, but if you were there first I shall walk away.

Ok sharing my pool of fish and letting the zombies in might be a bit of a stretch, and I guess I should be thankful to the person trying to camp my camping spot for making the dailys just that little bit more interesting that day, and fishing for fish feasts just so I can impress the people who have never seen a crab in a basket in bg’s  can get a little boring.

But still.  I hope the zombies eat them first.

I’m kind of on Google +  – I just haven’t worked out what I am doing with it just yet.  It shall depend on how enthusiastically people I want to be in contact with embrace it.

Zombie Post 3

This time with Real Life Zombies.. 

At the same time were were fighting the Zombie infestation in WOW,  Sydneyites were watching Zombies walk down our Main street  in the city.

Check out Sydney Zombies for some great shots..  No I didn’t attend,  Its one of those things I keep meaning to stay updated with as it would be fun to do..  and forget to check my LJ untill after the date… I really should add all my Lj Communties to RSS

But did you know that it was – besides Halloween,  WOTLK,  zombies have their own day now!

My final thoughts on the WOW Zombie Incident,  It was annoying, I got peeved a little, but I didn’t ever log off because of it. ( yes once because lag was bad and I Kept being dc’d in Zombie form) but I also had more fun as a Priest(s) being true to form and curing as many people as possible.  Yes I was one of those people trying to prevent city wide infection – why?

I’m a priest.  Its my Job.

It’s sort of funny,  the reactions from bloggers and people to this infestation seems to be largely influenced by the class you play.  There is an attitude and approach difference between those who could help/cure  and those who couldn’t.  The ones that could cure did so, and I cured myself often, the ones who couldn’t cure  seemed to join in the making of the zombies more enthusistically.  Its not a 100% accurate observation,  but there were times In Stormwind the moment a green glow appeared on someone walking/riding  into our line of site several priests would be shooting off their cure diseases faster then the person could run past. 

In your head, in your head, Zombie, zombie, zombie,

Its another Zombie post from me.

This time with Cranberrie Lyrics

“In your head, in your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie,
Hey, hey, hey. What’s in your head,
In your head,
Zombie, zombie, zombie?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh, dou, dou, dou, dou, dou… ”

My questing on my Little Alt Holy Priest ( Now 64!)  has been going well, and my Main Priest has only had to rescue her in Zanger once when the Zombies invaded…. There were lots of flagged Allies and Horde fighting side by side to rid area of the Zombie Infestation,  and thats a positive.  There are less and less Jerks deliberatly being annoying. ( or there are less and less people playing. )  

Its a pain now with the current 1min Debuff and there is a mad rush to cure everyones disease before they all explode.. and sometimes its a mad rush to get away.  Seriously only go to a city if you HAVE to.. and then stake out the place 1st to make sure there is no zombies in your path.

Trade has gone a little quite, and the steps outside Ironforge Bank are mainly bones.  I don’t know how the auctioneers stand the stench of bones and decaying zombie,  but they are still there standing on their pedestals.

I’m still a little peeved – it makes checking your bank, or your mail a little more exciting, and what ever you do.  DO NOT GO AFK IN A CITY.

I hope it doesnt get any worse though,,,,

Thou Shalt not Infect.

Unto thus I will avenge.  Darest though step across my threshold?

I guard the sanctity of this Cathedral with my life. All those infected Shall NOT pass

And sometimes the odds were overwhelming.  One Shadow Priest in Holy form against a Legion of Zombies.

So Mote it be.

 And So when I was feeling bored I staked out the Stormwind Catheral and Abolished Disease on every person and NPS crossing the threshold.

Why? – For the people who are infecting the Orphans, and the Alter Boy,  The Quest Givers,  the BG Masters,  the Flight Masters. The Class trainers, the profession trainers.  My Alt Holy priest ( 61 ) now got infected twice just arriving in Shatt – At Honor Hold she was killed because someone kited fel gaurds and they rampaged through Honor Hold.  Because playing zombie  was fun for 3 seconds, and now people are intentionally interferring with other peoples game and I’m a little peeved.

And Besides.  Now I’m having fun interfering with their game.  They want to kill my alts Trainer – I will kill them, and any zombie that walks through that door.


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